10 Back-to-Biz Tips

It’s here! It’s that time of year when all across the United States children, educators & Yoga Teachers are going “back-to-school.” Unless of course you are in the home-school arena, and still, I imagine after Summer break, teaching and classes are starting up again soon!

This past month, I personally enjoyed splendid long days, road trips, time with family in Portland, soaking in various hot & mineral springs, swimming in lakes, and camping solo for my first time, ever. GREAT NEWS! It all paid off and I am feeling fired up, focused and ready to get back-to-biz this month!

Are you?

Here’s me on one of my road trips – look closely, Mt. Shasta is over my right shoulder!

Yes, I did gift myself with a slow to flow Summer, (and I hope you did too!) by taking some afternoons and long weekends off, checking emails a bit less and a writing break from my blogs for The Biz of Kids Yoga. But truth be told, as a responsible and good business owner, I didn’t turn my business off completely, because that would be irresponsible, but with a lighter routine last month, I have a rejuvenated mind, fresh inspiration and new productivity hacks that I can hardly wait to share with you!

As we, in the West turn towards a new season, September’s blog for The Biz of Kids Yoga, includes 10 juicy tips for getting yourself successfully back to biz!

  1. Go slow. After a Summer of relaxation, travel, time off, hanging out, and living the easy life, be sure to give yourself the gift of going back to biz, s-l-o-w-l-y. There is no rush to hurry up and try to get everything back up and running immediately. For many, a quick change in routine can be jolting to the human design. It’s important to honor yourself, and your nervous system, by gently easing your way back at it. Avoid any pressure to hurry, catch up and do do do. Take breaks and breaths, make lists and remember, as always, everything will get done.
  2. Bring a lil Summer into your Fall. Who says you can’t enjoy the same activities that you do in the Summer all year long? Relaxation, fresh fruit, reading a novel, time away, and playing with loved ones aren’t just for July and August. Yes, the school year can present as a busy time but we are in charge of how we spend our spare time. Based on collective evidence, engaging in Summer activities is highly uplifting to the body, mind and spirit. So why not bring a lil Summer attitude into your biz routine? What if you scheduled dedicated times to work on your business so you could get more done in less time and then enjoy an occasional afternoon off hanging with your family? What if you checked your email during dedicated times or just twice a day so that you weren’t constantly reacting to other people’s needs? What if you were super mindful and productive, so that you still have the time and space to enjoy your beautiful life, just like you do Summer vibes … no matter what the month.
  3. Streamline Oftentimes, new seasons bring about the desire for growth and new beginnings. There is nothing wrong with this, however it’s important to be mindful not to overdo it. Our Kids Yoga businesses are dynamic and have lots of room for expansion, including new classes, more contracts, hiring teachers, offering special events and leading trainings. Again, these are great, just be sure to grow slowly and organically, not just because the season is new. It’s better to streamline, nurture and hone what you currently have going on so that you can stabilize your existing biz and then grow when the need is present.
  4. Systematize. As back to school programs start up this month, you’ll (hopefully) be signing contracts, writing emails to new customers and organizing your back to school classes. Now is the perfect time to get organized and systematized. I personally love Google drive for organizing online folders with contracts, template emails, lesson plans and more. Really your biz should be as easy as 1-2-3, do re mi. Think rinse and repeat, so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every contract, email or lesson.
  5. Have a team meeting. If you have the gift of working with others, including co-teachers, sub-contractors, admin, etc. now is the perfect time to kick off a back-to-biz meeting with your peeps. Whether you go out for a meal, host a potluck or gather virtually online (that’s what our Next Generation Yoga team is doing) having a team meeting is a wonderful way to inform, update, connect, communicate and vision. Of course, don’t let this be the only team meeting of the year, depending on your organizations size, you may want to meet quarterly, monthly or even weekly.
  6. Schedule a money date. I literally did this on Saturday of this past weekend, and wow that was powerful! I spent 75-minutes being intimate with my Quickbooks, my credit card debt and profit and loss statements. Now I totally get that finances may be your least favorite part of your biz, but if you want to make money doing what you love, it’s essential that you pay attention to it. As you enter a new school year of teaching ahead, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself, where do you stand right now? Are you making money and in the black? Or in debt and swimming in a sea of red? If your profit is larger than expected, then it may be a good time to make a purchase (ie. new computer, roll of Yoga mats, props, etc.) that you’ve been holding back on that can also be depreciated. I recommend that you ask your accountant to explain the depreciation rules but know that it’s in your favor, especially when your income is more than your expenses. If your profit is less than expected, it may be time to reevaluate your methods and seek some advice.
  7. Set goals. While most people see the New Year as the time to set goals, for those of us who work closely with the school year calendar, now more than ever seems like the right time to go through this process. Get clear on how many classes you want to teach this coming school year? How many students? How many birthday parties? How much income do you want to earn? This time of the year is a powerful time to look at where you want to be by the end of 2017. So, make sure you are on track now. Set realistic goals, declare them to your peers, get accountability and make a plan to have your goals come true!
  8. Do an inventory check. As a Kids Yoga Teacher, we have lots of goodies that help us to make our classes come alive. Books, puppets, playlists – the list goes on. But there is nothing worse than going to teach a class and not having the supplies you need or worse, not knowing where they are. Microsoft Excel is a fabulous tool to use to organize your “stuff.” In addition, if you sell products, like t-shirts and Yoga mats, now is the perfect time to make sure that you have exactly what you need in order to serve and sell to your students this coming year ahead. If your stock is low, you’ll know it’s time to replenish.
  9. Get support. Marketing your classes, budgeting your finances, writing proposals, and negotiating contracts can all be new, confusing and overwhelming during this important time of year. Be open to the fact that even though you are in business for yourself, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Ask a colleague to be your accountability buddy, join a class to learn The Biz of Kids Yoga or hire a mentor – there is so much we don’t know and that we can learn from others. Being humble and saying yes to support is one of the best things we can do to grow our biz.
  10. Take care of yourself. We all know, back to school time can be a busy time of year and oftentimes busyness yields stress. For most people, when we get busy and stressed, one of the first things to go is time for ourselves. We all know how important exercise, eating well, good sleep and slowing down is for us, then why do we bail on it when the going gets tough? Make a commitment to yourself now to practice self-care and do something kind for you, EVERY DAY! Put it on your calendar, write it down first thing in the morning, and treat it like any other appointment, so you know you won’t miss it!

I truly hope these tips help you to kick off the back-to-school season with confidence, clarity and success.

What biz tips are you implementing during this time of year? Send me an email or leave a comment and share with us so we can all learn from you.

In support of you,

PS – One of my take away’s from this Summer, is to be deliberate with my time and teachings. As a result, I am transitioning from writing weekly to monthly blogs. Not to worry, these posts will be filled with longer, juicier tips and inspired actions for you to implement immediately. I look forward to sharing them with you!

PPS – This Fall I am bringing back The Biz of Kids Yoga Online Course! This program was on hiatus for a bit but its back and I can hardly wait to share it with you. Want to know how you can make more money doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t all while being supported by a community of like-minded Kids Yoga entrepreneur rockstars!? Email me and I’ll tell ya how!

  1. Denise 3 years ago

    All good point to remember. I have scheduled out 4-6 weeks of me taking a yoga class and setting up times for massage and acupuncture! I know I will need it!

  2. hijol 3 years ago

    thank you so much for the post

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