10 Must Do’s for Growing Your Biz from the Start!

I trust this finds you well and enjoying your beautiful life! It’s full on Spring in Oakland, California and I have been loving the wild flowers and quiet time in the woods. Nature is truly where I feel my best. It’s where my mind soothes like no other and ironically, my business creativity ignites, bountifully. It’s amazing how new ideas bloom by simply being in a quiet and inspiring setting. How about you? Where do you do you refresh and get your biz brain beaming?

Playtime and inspiration amidst the wild flowers!

To me, it’s obvious that it’s the season where not only are the flowers blooming but so too are new businesses. I have heard from many Kids Yoga Teachers lately that they are ready to jump start and grow their biz, for real!

If you are serious about growing your offerings, making money, and having an impact on the world, there are several important things you must do, right from the very start. I am so passionate about being professional and excited to share with you more on this topic.

Here are my 10 must do’s for growing your Kids Yog biz from the beginning:

  1. Treat your biz like a biz – Right from the very start, it is essential that you start treating your Kids Yoga business as a business. Yes, that’s right – even if you are teaching just a few classes right now but eventually want to offer more, you have a business simply because you are accepting money for your services. Don’t wait till you are making the kind of money you desire to start treating your biz like a biz. Do. It. Now. The alternative is to treat your business like a hobby. Meaning, work on it when you have the time, spend more than you make, wing its success and hope that it all works out.
  1. Use professional language. When appropriate, call yourself a Yoga entrepreneur versus a Yoga Teacher. This is a powerful shift and others will perceive you differently when they hear that you own a small business. I know this can be confronting, but try it on … try doing it the next party you go to and when you meet someone new who says, “What do you do?”
  1. Schedule mindfully. I have heard from many Yoga entrepreneurs that they have a hard time being productive – a very important skill that you need in order to run and have a successful business. I recommend that you use a calendar. Every week, schedule times in your calendar to work ON your biz by making appointments with yourself. Be sure to honor and keep your appointments just like you would any other appointment, like going to the dentist or teaching a Yoga class. This appointment is just as important as any other.
  1. Know your worth – Do your market research and tune in to your emotional truth about how much you deserve to be paid for your services. Stay strong and don’t accept anything less than what you are truly worth.
  1. Manage your money. It is never too early to be organized with your finances. you’ll want to be sure that you are keeping track and managing your income and expenses. Nothing is worse for a business owner than being clueless around finances and hoping that it all works out in the end. Try using programs like Mint, Quicken or QuickBooks or just use an excel doc or pen and paper. No matter what, just be sure to do this!
  1. Market yourself authentically – While marketing may be your least favorite word in the dictionary, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that dreadful. When done authentically, marketing yourself can be fun and a wonderful way to share your gifts with your community. Use social media, email platforms and in-person communications to express your passion and purpose, nothing more, nothing less. Just be you!
  1. Discover your niche – While it may seem exciting and necessary to teach all ages and stages, it actually is not the best business move. Choosing a small population that delights you and one that you can really focus on will help you to best serve them and also attract ideal clients to you. It may seem counter-intuitive, but trust me, it’s better to go narrow than broad.
  1. Vision your biz – Even at the very beginning of starting up your biz, it’s important to vision what you want to create for yourself in your future. Consider leading workshops and trainings, creating products, writing blogs and books, teaching online and exploring other platforms that will have you bring in more streams of revenue. You don’t need to have it figured out now, but the vision will help you stay on your path.
  1. Educate yourself – You have probably invested in a course or many to certify you in teaching Kids Yoga. Equally important is to spend your time and resources on educating yourself in how to run a small business. This may mean reading books, listening to podcasts, taking courses or hiring a business coach. All are necessary for learning and growing as a Yoga entrepreneur.
  1. Grow Slow – No one says you have to quit your day job or hurry up to become a successful Yoga entrepreneur. In truth, you’ll want to expand and grow your biz slowly and organically. While you may be super excited to go all in with your Kids Yoga passion, it is essential that you honor your commitments including financial and family responsibilities.

If you implement the above slowly and one at a time, you are on the right path. Be gentle with yourself, as building a new biz takes time. If you want and need more support, I am here for you – simply reach out and ask!

All love,

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