3 Mistakes Kids Yoga Teachers Make

I trust this finds you well & enjoying the back to school season!

I am happily writing you from the grass while lounging near Lake Merritt in Oakland. It’s a gorgeous time of the year here in the Bay Area and having the freedom to work outside has my gypsy entrepreneur heart feeling very happy.

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I am curious … what makes you happy?

Let me guess … teaching Kids Yoga? Full classes? Attending Yoga Teacher Trainings?

I am with you as I love those things, too. I also love supporting Kids Yoga Teachers with their business and seeing them thrive!

Recently, I was chatting with a Kids Yoga Teacher who mentioned that she would like to see her business be a bit more successful. She wanted things like full classes, financial abundance and more Yoga offerings. Interestingly, in the same sentence she said was considering taking another Teacher Training. While she already has her Kids Yoga certification x2, it got me thinking, and wanting to share with you, what steps are really necessary to having business success and the 3 common mistakes Kids Yoga Teachers make when they want to grow their biz.

So here they are:

  1. They take more Yoga trainings. While completing a Kids Yoga Teacher Training is essential to learning how to share Yoga with children, once you have your certification (especially if you have taken a reputable Teacher Training) then you most likely already have all the tools you need to get out there and teach. Taking more courses on how to teach Kids Yoga is not going to help you to grow your business, rather learning business strategy and marketing skills will. Instead of spending your time and financial resources on Yoga trainings, consider studying entrepreneurism, hiring a business coach, joining a mastermind, listening to inspiring business related podcasts, and reading biz books. (BTW, as I write this I am inspired to write a blog post of all of my favorite biz-related resources – stay tuned for that!) I promise you, taking another Teacher Training isn’t going to get you more kids in your classes nor will it make you more money, but learning to be a Yoga entrepreneur will.
  2. They treat their business like a hobby. Oftentimes Kids Yoga Teachers see their classes solely as a passion. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they do see their teaching as a passion, however, they forget that their passion can also make them money while they are doing what they love to do. In addition, they undercharge for their services and focus on their offerings only when they have the time. If you want your classes to fill, business to grow, and bank account to boom – then it is essential that you charge your worth and commit to working on your business, consistently, not just when you feel like it. Said with love, stop treating your business like a hobby, and get serious about how you can do what you love while making a living doing it. I promise you, it is possible!
  3. They try to do it alone. Kids Yoga Teachers often lead classes on their own which technically feels like they are in business for themselves. But the truth is, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Collaborating with your peers in teaching classes, developing products, leading workshops and running retreats may just be the key to staying inspired and creating meaningful offerings. Isolation is often the number one complaint of solo-entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Get yourself an accountability partner, business coach or mastermind group and you will never feel alone in biz again!

I hope these tips were useful for you and that you do your best to avoid making these mistakes. I share them with you because not only do I see them frequently, but at some point, early on in my career, I too made these mistakes. Good news is that you can rectify them quickly, you just have to have the desire and willingness to do so.

I’d love to hear from you! Which common mistake do you resonate with the most and what committed actions are you willing to take to avoid them. Please leave a comment below so we can all learn from you!

In support of you,

  1. Heather Leap 4 years ago

    Thank you, Jodi! Important points!

    I find that continuing education is a huge procrastination tool and I tend to employ it as a distraction not only in my yoga biz but with my writing. (Committing to a new writing project can send me on a serious binge at my local book store.)

    Regarding collaboration, creating workshops with other entrepreneurs with related businesses – not necessarily other kids yoga teachers – can be a great way to infuse classes with new ideas, as well as to expand your reach in the community.

  2. Author
    Jodi Komitor 4 years ago

    yes yes YES heather! you know it & are living it! thank you for sharing.

  3. Nichol Sepanek 4 years ago

    Thanks Jodi!
    I have to to I have done all of these with both kids and adult yoga classes. At this point I feel working as a team is the best way to grow and co teaching 2 classes last year was great.
    It gave an opportunity to discuss pros and cons of certain techniques that worked with one age group for example K-2 and then why it didn’t apply for gr.3-5.
    In some instances, Christine and I realized putting humor in all classes was a plus; while playing music could be more of a distraction for some.
    Overall having a second pair of eyes is always helpful in a class. The beautiful thing was we each got to hear another perspective and adjust for the next class.
    I’ll admit I like “running the show” and resisted co-teaching but honestly it was one of the best learning experiences and FUN!!!!

  4. Jessie 4 years ago

    Great timing on this article! Have been trying to motivate to try different ways of marketing- it’s hard to do new ways of outreach that aren’t as comfortable as my usual ways- but seems essential at this point. Thanks so much for the inspiration and guidance at a critical moment!

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