3 Tips for Powerfully Envisioning Your Kids Yoga Biz in 2017

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! For me, it certainly was a beautiful end to a challenging year where I practiced radical self-care and a whole lot of nesting in my new home. In between signing my lease and building my new altar, I went to Wilbur Hot Springs with a girlfriend, which was such a treat to my body, mind and soul. I chose a super mellow and intentional New Years celebration where I meditated in the eve and then on New Years Day, I gathered with women, in ceremony, as we released the old by throwing pebbles in to the ocean and then planted intention “seeds” in the grassy sand.


Here’s me letting go of the old & the “seeds” I planted for 2017!

For many Kids Yoga Teachers, whom I connected with, they too enjoyed slowing down, being fully present with loved ones and taking time either working on their biz or fully unplugging from it for a much-deserved break.

No matter how you spent the holidays, working or resting, I do hope that you took some time to envision the future of your biz for without an image of what you want to create, there is no access to reaching your goals.

I am inspired to share with you three tips for powerfully envisioning the future of your Kids Yoga biz in 2017.

  1. Set SMART goals. You may have heard this acronym before, and it’s such a goodie that you wont want to miss it when you set this years biz goals. While the words may vary, to me, SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Right & Time-bound. These are the words that you’ll want to make sure you are aligning with your biz goals. I could go on and on about the importance of setting SMART goals, but I think this article says it best. While we’ve got a long (and exciting) year ahead of us, in an effort not to hit overwhelm, it’s always best to set just three goals at a time. This way you can really focus on accomplishing these goals and then start again. I personally enjoy working towards three or six month goals. One of my current three month goals is to get an affiliate program for our Lesson Plan Club up on the Next Generation Yoga website by March 1st. What about you? I’d love to know, what are your SMART goals? 
  1. Choose one word. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in biz and or distracted by shiny objects because there is so much great opportunity in our Kids Yoga industry. BUT … when we choose one word to focus on, and run our business intentionally by, it helps us to stay focused and centered. Being clear on your 2017 intention word will help you to make all decisions from this place. For example, if your word is “Collaboration,” then when opportunities arise and include the possibility of working with another, and of course it feels like the right partnership, then you can green light it because that is in alignment with your 2017 desire. However when an idea comes up that you really want to build out, you will also most likely not work on it by yourself because that isn’t it alignment with your word of the year. This year, my word is “Transformation.” Tell me, what’s yours?
  1. Get support. You have probably heard me speak about this very topic many times, and I promise you I will continue to do so because I am so passionate about it and it matters. The truth is, I could never do my business without support. Support from my community, coaches and colleagues. There are people in my life, some who I hire, some who are my family, who know things more than me. They have had the success that I want in my business. They have built out the products, projects, services that I want to offer. They have been where I want to go. So I humbly get support, by hiring a coach or a mentor, joining a Mastermind, or connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs. I highly recommend that you do the same. When envisioning all you desire to make happen this coming year, be sure to include the people who can help you to get there. Write down their names and contact them asking for their help. Whether you plan to pay them, trade or simply acknowledge them with words of affirmation, I guarantee not only will they be delighted to support you, but your future projects will get done a whole lot easier and quicker!

I truly hope these tips for envisioning your Kids Yoga biz in 2017 help you to have ease and clarity. I know they do for me.

Here’s to an inspiring, productive, prosperous and rewarding new year!

In support of you,

PS – This year I am going all in with supporting Kids Yoga Teachers with having a successful Kids Yoga biz that they truly desire. If you are ready to rock your biz, make more money doing what you love, but need support, email me as I’d be honored to be your mentor.


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