5 W’s of Yoga

A wonderful theme to share with kids is the 5 W’s of Yoga ~ it is a great way to introduce kids to What is Yoga, Where does it come from,  Who started Yoga, When was it created & Why do we do it … don’t just sit there & talk, move the body & weave the theme in to the class.

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Please do let us know how it went & what you think! Oh & remember to share the love 🙂

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  1. laura 9 years ago

    Great class theme, thank you so much! We explored the jungles of INDIA, pretending to be yogis discovering the practice itself!

    I structured it so that we were the smallest of animals, inch-worms, to the largest-elephants! Then we went into the sky, as parrots (like eagles but with flapping mouths/hands) and into the grasses- crouching tiger, and learned the downdog forward jump. Also were LOUD peacocks, making laps around the room!

    Inchworm: shins on folded blanket– they reach out, grip floor, and pull their bodies forward toward hands, hello core connection!)

    Elephants: make it a game of sucking up “yoga” water and bathing eachother.

    Peacocks: hands up low back, spread finger feathers, jhala-dara bandha throat lock and cawwww!

    This idea lead to so much, creatively speaking. And by the end, they had ALL 5 W’s down!
    Thanks again,

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