6 Things I Learned about Biz from a Shoulder Injury

I pray this finds you, your family and loved ones healthy and happy. There is so much going on in the world, between natural disasters, social injustices and everything in between … I find these times so precious and important to express our love. It may have been a while since we last connected, but please know I appreciate your presence in the Kids Yoga community and I pray for your success and well-being.

Currently, I am navigating a torn labrum in my right shoulder which has me quite limited physically, challenged emotionally, and doing life and biz quite differently.

Even though typing proves to be a challenge these days, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share a newsletter for The Biz of Kids Yoga with you. So, in the spirit of keeping my commitment and communicating with you monthly, here is a video blog I made for you which includes six things I have learned about business while healing a shoulder injury. You know, things like getting ergonomic, having a supportive team, and taking a social media break. It’s just under 10 minutes, and regardless of whether you have a physical ailment or are just going through a tough time in life, I hope these tips are useful for you and your Kids Yoga biz.

I would love to hear from you! Email me or leave a comment on the blog sharing what powerful lessons have you learned during challenging times.

In support of you,


PS – Even if I don’t respond to your email, please know that I greatly appreciate your brilliant insights, kind words and loving thoughts. You rock!

  1. Karen Wightman 3 years ago

    Hi Jodie, It was nice to see you and listen to you again. It is interesting as you seemed so soft – it was nice to witness as a contrast to being such a dynamic force. I heard all you said and as always seems to relate to a lot of it. I just had a tooth out on Monday and that has affected me more than I realized so I am taking it easy too. Also just cancelled my training in Sydney as numbers were low but on a deeper level I need to be home for while to fill up before I can give again and seem to be finding my what my limitations are. Just been all over Asia teaching and now want to create more, be home and then share again next year. Sadly I will not see you in Sydney now when you come but I know our paths will cross another time. So want to wish you a continued gentle recovery and thank you for being an ongoing inspiration – always appreciate your authenticity and sharing from you heart. Much love to you Karen xxxx

  2. lisa Dumas 3 years ago

    Hello Jodi!!
    Loved this virtual newsletter! & getting a chance to feel your beautiful energy!
    Your tips are very helpful and resonate strongly with me – “be more, do less” -Something I struggle with in trying to live a mindfully present life.
    Big message for me was the “asking for help” – have had to do this more recently with a challenging family dynamic. It has allowed me to open up to my vulnerability and really be strong and courageous.
    “It takes a village” is my new mantra and I LOVE and have so much gratitude for my village!!
    I look forward to meeting you in San Francisco at the childrens yoga teacher training. Until then be well and sending you SOO much love! <3

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