A True Story & A lil Pep Talk

I trust this finds you well today. It’s early morning as I write you this and I just finished my meditation and journaling practice. I am heading into Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training this week and I have a full plate of to-do’s. I am sure you can relate to the feelings of overwhelm and angst before a big event. Thoughts like, will I get it all done? Will I miss something? Will I have time for myself? Lots on my mind but I am trusting … because I know that it always gets done, and it always works out!

Wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, in today’s blog, I am sharing with you about one of The Biz of Kids Yoga Mastermind participants who had this exact experience; she was overwhelmed with her biz, but it worked out for her, because it always does. Of course, it only works out with persistence, focus, attention and dedication. We need to be proactive in our biz in order to get the results we truly desire.

Here’s how it went down … yesterday afternoon I checked our wildly supportive, private TBoKY Community Facebook group filled with 140+ Yoga entrepreneurs who are graduates of The Biz of Kids Yoga LIVE!, the 101 – Online Course, Mastermind & Private Mentorship clients. One of our members posted:

“Celebrating the receipt of my first contract for my entire school district – all three schools!! Excited, taking longer breaths. I know I’ve been on radio silence for a bit but I have been following you all. Thanks for all the support and now back to freaking out a little. Holy Cow!”

I was so inspired and excited for her mostly because I know how long she has been working towards this goal. In fact this was her plan over a year ago when she was in The Biz of Kids Yoga Mastermind.

You see, in biz, things take time to happen. While we would love to have them happen over night, or even yesterday, they just don’t. The over-heard saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is one that all Kids Yoga entrepreneurs should repeat to themselves on the regular.

I have had biz goals, dreams and desires that I thought would happen quicker than they did. There were times where I wanted to give up, let go and throw the towel in. But I didn’t, because I am dedicated to my goals and dreams. I also know that things truly take time to build and that if I don’t have persistence, focus, attention and dedication then they definitely won’t happen.

So dear one, as I head into NGY Teacher Training and I put aside my long list of things to do in order to make my goals come to life – I leave you with this …

Sometimes our road to success looks different than we think.

Sometimes it takes a lot longer.

Sometimes we want to give up.

And, sometimes, we don’t ever see the end in site.

But I promise you – its happening. It’s happening as you are taking those baby steps that you don’t even realize are contributing to your success. And, as long as you put in the effort, have the commitment & trust that it will all work out … it always does.

In support of you,

PS – Last call to join the upcoming TBoKY Mastermind starting in just a few weeks! If you want to make your dreams and goals happen quicker with a community behind you & a coach by your side, then join us. Email me with your interest and we can hop on a call!

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  1. Michelle Schwarzmann 4 years ago

    Beautifully stated!

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