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NGY offers Kids Yoga teacher trainings, resources, and ongoing supports to help YOU share a love of yoga and mindfulness with the kids in your world. Whether you are a school teacher or educational professional, a parent or other family member, a yoga teacher, or someone who simply has a love for kids, we are here to help equip you!

Our trainings, resources, and ongoing supports are creative, fun, and grounded in the NGY methodology that’s been developed over 20+ years in the field. NGY offers trainings in person and online, themed kids yoga lesson plans, kids yoga cards, and an interactive community for NGY teachers for business development, mentorship, and professional growth.

Kids are natural yogis. They are curious, like to move, and want to learn and grow. At NGY, we cultivate these innate characteristics … planting seeds that can develop throughout a lifetime and make meaningful differences for the next generation!

NGY believes that kids benefit from a balance of structure and play, guidance and freedom. NGY engages kids’ imaginations, bodies, minds, emotions, and senses in order to create experiences that bring joy, balance, strength, and calm.

The NGY approach integrates traditional yoga and mindfulness practices with creativity and fun. Playful yoga poses, innovative breathing exercises, and nourishing relaxation techniques are paired with music, crafts, books, props, sensory elements, and educational info to create unique learning experiences!

NGY also acknowledges the developmental differences between age groups and needs of kids. How kids learn, play, feel, and grow evolves over the course of childhood and isn’t always the same for every kid. NGY trainings and resources offer specific guidance for serving children in ways that best suit their individual needs.

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Krista Reed (8-13 yr. old TT)

quotation markBest. Training, EVER!!!

~ Krista Reedquote_1

Shelby Perry (2-7 yr. old TT)

quotation markComing into the NGY Teacher Training I was asking myself what am I doing here? I am currently not working with kids in any form and I do not have kids of my own. I was intrigued and wanted to grow and be a well-rounded Yoga instructor. I got way more than I had expected, it lit a fire and I see myself in a new light. I am excited to go out and start programs with kids all over the world so they can experience Yoga.

~ Shelby Perryquote_1

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