NGY Trainer, Amy Nucera

NGY Trainer for:
EVOLvED™ 8-hour Certification Training for Educators & Yoga Professionals

Amy began her career in early childhood education where she specialized in imaginative play and creative movement. Years later she was able to combine her love of yoga and education by completing the Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training for 2-7 yr. olds. Feeling an instant connection to the NGY teachers and philosophy, she continued her training with  NGY Teacher Training for 8-13 year olds, and the NGY Teacher Training for School-Based Educators.

Wanting to continue and deepen her work to share yoga & mindfulness within classroom settings, she jumped at the opportunity to complete the NGY Train-the-Trainer program and later helped revise the curriculum to create the new EVOLvED™ 8-hour Certification Training for Educators & Yoga Professionals, which she teaches in live and online settings. She is thrilled to be able to share techniques and tools with educators that help cultivate a positive & healthy school environment, manage stress and reduce anxiety for students and teachers, and promote empathy & tolerance towards others.

When not leading NGY Trainings, Amy teaches NGY classes for 2-13 year olds infused with age-appropriate yoga poses, creative movement, learning points, breathing exercises, props, and imaginative play. Classes for younger children are sprinkled with music, crafts, books, and play to help foster motor coordination, language development, and social & emotional skills. Older children explore partner poses & cooperative games to inspire positive peer interactions, engage in activities that promote emotional balance and self-confidence, and begin to integrate flowing sequences, and deeper relaxation & meditation techniques.

Amy lives in Ambler, PA (Greater Philadelphia area) with her husband, two daughters, and their turtle, Oswald. She loves hanging out with her family, exploring flea markets and the library, comic books, the smell of coffee, volunteering in her community and schools, and learning new things. She is incredibly grateful to be a part of a supportive community of like mided yogis and educators, and to have the opportunity to do meaningful work that she loves.

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