Engaging. Practical. Relevant.

This is NGY Advanced Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher Training

Building on the basics, this 25-hour Advanced Kids Yoga Teacher Training gives experienced kids yoga and mindfulness teachers an opportunity to build their confidence, skills, and business mindset through creative and pragmatic methods that help create more meaningful experiences for children.

As an NGY Advanced Teacher Training student, you’ll receive a helpful manual full of ideas to add to your yoga and mindfulness offerings as well as engaging exercises for self-reflection and program/business development and growth. Our team of NGY trainers share from their years of experience in the kids yoga business and there is ample opportunity for interaction between participants to share collective wisdom.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Yoga philosophy for kids—the yamas, niyamas, and chakra theory presented in practical, down-to-earth, inclusive, and school-friendly ways.
  • Business development—how to cultivate partnerships, collaborations, and connections, and how to vision and dream for your future.
  • Teaching in creative locations—schools, hospitals, libraries, camps, religious communities, and more.
  • Tools for your toolbox—games, songs, and resources to help expand your creativity.
  • Effective communication, including electronic and online strategies (social media/newsletters/blogs/vlogs/YouTube channels).
  • Kids and trauma—the prevalence, how yoga helps, developing trauma resilience.
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning—what these hot topics are and how they benefit your classes and students.
  • Writing your own lesson plans, visualized meditation, and Yoga Nidra scripts.
  • Providing private sessions for one child/siblings/families.
  • Working with atypical students and coping with classroom challenges.
  • Self-care for helping professionals—why it is important and how to prioritize it.

Upon finishing the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and have the opportunity to become a licensed Next Generation Yoga® Teacher and reap the benefits of our unique NGY Teacher Community!*

NGY Teacher Training Advanced Kids Yoga + Mindfulness is for you if...

  • You are a Kids Yoga Teacher looking to grow.
  • You are the graduate of a Kids Yoga Teacher Training looking to add more skills and resources.
  • You are pursuing your 95-hour RCYT designation through the NGY Yoga Alliance accredited Registered Children’s Yoga School.

Your Investment…

  • $595** covers your tuition, registration, and materials fees.
  • Discounts may be available during early bird specials and for education professionals, students, and active military/veterans.

Continuing Ed and Reboot your Teaching…

  • The NGY Teacher Training for Advanced Kids Yoga + Mindfulness can be used as continuing ed (CE) hours for Yoga Alliance.
  • Those who have completed this course in the past are eligible to retake this course for just $99 in order to jumpstart their creativity and curiosity. Contact us for more info!

RCYS Curriculum…

The Advanced Kids Yoga + Mindfulness is part of the 95-hour NGY RCYS curriculum. In addition to this course, those wishing to pursue RCYT designation must complete the Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Basics Teacher Training, Yoga + Mindfulness for Tweens and Teens, and two electives to total 95 hours of training with NGY RCYS. For more info, visit HERE.

* In order to complete the training, you must attend in its entirety. This course is also one of the required foundation classes for the NGY 95-hour RCYS certification program.

** Additional fees may apply for those choosing a payment plan.


What NGY Grads are Saying…

If you would like to connect with a graduate of the Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training to find out about their certification experience and the NGY Teacher Community, visit the Find a Teacher directory.


The NGY Advanced Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Training equipped me with invaluable tools to make me a more effective kids yoga teacher, connected me to inspirational teachers and deepened my love of and commitment to kids yoga. I am so grateful for the experienced leadership of Next Generation Yoga that designed an eye-opening, content-rich, and fun training that has empowered us to share our passions and talents with children all over the world.

~ Laura Blaich