Are You a Business People Pleaser?

Yesterday I led a VIP DAY for a fellow Kids Yoga entrepreneur. We spent 5 hours together (virtually, online) examining her business and strategizing a game plan for the months/year ahead. We came up with concrete actionable steps, for her to implement so that she can rock out her marketing, increase her income and launch a brand new passion project, coming soon! I loved our time together and feel honored to have supported such a ROCKSTAR in The Biz of Kids Yoga community.

I think it was mutual as she says, “I got motivated, focused and excited about my long-term biz goals.”

Cool, right!?!

There were so many times during our session that I thought about you and how we all can do better in biz. One thing that stands out to me that I am inspired to share with you is how not to be a business people pleaser. Meaning, stop saying yes and trying to please everyone.

You have your special gifts and talents. You also have your time, value and worth. There will be many moments in biz when people will challenge these parts of us.

How many times have you heard a customer say, “Can you teach a class on Monday at 6pm?” Or, “Can you run a class on the west side of town?”

And then what happens? You go ahead, please them and schedule their requested class and most often, they don’t show!!

I am sure you have been there in one way or another, I know I have – and my private VIP DAY client certainly has. She’s been people pleasing a lot lately.

But we nabbed it. And no longer will that be her ways. In fact, one of her action steps is to say “no” more often.

I mean really, if we constantly tried to please all of our customers, we’d never be running the business that we want to have.

So, hunker down.

Get clear.

Get real.


And stop being a business people pleaser and start being. Say “yes” to you and “no” to others.

Yes? Yes!

PS – Do you have goals and projects that you want to focus on before the new year!? A VIP DAY is the best way to get organized, motivated and on track while getting personalized attention, coaching and mentorship. I’d love to support you! Email me and I’ll happily tell you more.



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