Are You a PleasureCEO?

I hope this finds you well today & enjoying your beautiful life. I am feeling so alive these days partly because my best friend is visiting me here, in the Bay Area, and we’ve been laughing a ton, dancing for days and connecting on a deep soul level. She is also a Yoga entrepreneur, and a Taurus, with location independence so it’s sweet that we get to co-work, play and celebrate our birthdays.

Here’s us driving into San Francisco this past weekend.

In addition to the sistership I am deeply experiencing, I am also feeling the flow and inspiration from a workshop I attended last week, called PleasureCEO.

Now while you may conjure up a bunch of different ideas about what it means to be a PleasureCEO – first, I want to share that it was super inspiring to be in a room, for three days, with 40+ female CEO’s, from around the world, all who are rocking their unique businesses. When was the last time you surrounded yourself with successful entrepreneurs? Personally, I find it highly motivating, valuable and refreshing to my personal and professional growth to attend a business seminar with like-minded peeps.

Here’s what I learned about being a PleasureCEO:

  1. Do business from a more feminine place. As a successful business woman, this is something I am confronted by but am going to do my best to take it on. The truth is, I (and most people regardless of their gender) who are successful do biz from a masculine approach – we tend to lead with and implement things like structure, strategy, independence, and go-go-go to get things done-done-done. When we incorporate these masculine virtues, I believe they help our businesses to be successful. In fact, we need them. However, since I am a woman, why not also implement the traits that are natural to the feminine, like surrender, receptivity, sharing and flow. Letting go of what doesn’t serve in biz, receiving more from others, co-creating and sharing ideas as well having a more go-with-the-flow attitude all can help to have a natural and balanced relationship to how we do business.

2. Take pleasure breaks. You have probably heard me talk about how much I love Pomodoro’s during working days where I work for a set amount of time and then I take a break. Well, why not bring a lil pleasure into work breaks and do something that truly honors our deep desires. Things like eating a piece of decadent dark chocolate, caressing a feather on your skin, slowly smelling a fragrant flower or taking a warm bath with essential oils. All of these things are highly sensual which is also a quality of the feminine. I’ve been incorporating more pleasure into my daily work days, and it’s had me feeling a lot more relaxed, alive and ready.

Here’s me at the PleasureCEO event taking a break and receiving the caress of a rose.

3. Immerse in sistership (or brotherhood.) As the world turns and life happens, we need each other. We need to share our stories, our hurts, our failures, our struggles and our challenges. We also need to share our celebrations and wins. When we are surrounded by our sisters (and brothers) who truly open up to us, understand us, see us and love us, then we can feel safe, self-expressed and held in our experiences with the knowing that we are not alone. The truth is, we do not need to do life alone, in fact we should not do it alone. We are humans and our default is to be in relationship with others. So while it may feel safe to try to do biz and life solo, having a supportive group to lean on is best for success.

 There is a ton more that I learned about being a PleasureCEO and I am highly passionate about this new way of being in my biz. I am happy to share more with you so if you are interested do send me an email and let’s chat!

In support of you,


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