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I am writing you from Oakland, California where I am currently enjoying my adventure tour. I am staying at a friend’s place that overlooks this majestic & diverse city and I am truly loving it!

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Today’s blog is about something I am super passionate about and that is being a Yoga entrepreneur – which is quite different from being a Yoga Teacher. You see when we say yes to having a small business, whether that means we teach one or 15 classes a week, we wear two different hats: an entrepreneur hat & a Yoga Teacher hat. While both hats are equally important, they are drastically different.

Let’s start with the Kids Yoga Teacher hat. This is the one you wear when you are actively teaching your classes, leading a birthday party, facilitating a teacher training or running a special event. It’s when you are working “in” your business. Again, it’s a very important hat to wear & I imagine you are already very good at this role!

Now let’s talk about the other hat – the entrepreneur hat. Sometimes this if not a favorite hat to put on, but if you want to be successful with your Kids Yoga biz, then it is a hat to get comfy wearing.

If you don’t enjoy putting on this hat, trust me you are not alone. As a biz mentor for Kids Yoga Teachers I often hear my clients struggle with the business side of things. Why? Because, most Yoga trainings teach you how to wear the Kids Yoga Teacher hat, not the entrepreneur hat. Further, most don’t have the innate skills it takes to run a business.

But, if I, a former special education teacher, can be successful wearing the entrepreneur hat, so too can you!

Here are 6 tips for being a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Grow Slow – No one says you have to quit your day job or hurry up to become a successful Yoga entrepreneur. In truth, you’ll want to expand and grow your biz slowly and organically. While you may be super excited to go all in with your Kids Yoga passion, it is essential that you honor your commitments including financial and family responsibilities.
  1. Educate Yourself – You have probably invested in a course or many to certify you in teaching Kids Yoga. Equally important is to spend your time and resources on educating yourself in how to run a small business. This may mean reading books, listening to podcasts, taking courses or hiring a business coach. All are necessary for learning and growing as a Yoga entrepreneur.
  1. Discover Your Niche – While it may seem exciting and necessary to teach all ages and stages, it actually is not the best business move. Choosing a small population that delights you and one that you can really focus on will help you to best serve them and also attract ideal clients to you. It may seem counter-intuitive, but trust me, it’s better to go narrow than broad.
  1. Find Ways to Leverage Your Biz – After you have been teaching for a few years, you most likely have found your stride and possibly burnout. Ultimately, you may realize that it’s time to stop teaching so many classes or trading time for dollars and want to diversify your offerings. Consider creating products, courses and other platforms that will have you bring in passive revenue. This way you can earn money while you sleep. J
  1. Know Your Worth – Do your market research and tune in to your emotional truth about how much you deserve to be paid for your services. Stay strong and don’t accept anything less than what you are truly worth.
  1. Market Yourself Authentically – While marketing may be your least favorite word in the dictionary, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that dreadful. When done authentically, marketing yourself can be fun and a wonderful way to share your gifts with your community. Use social media, email platforms and in-person communications to express your passion and purpose, nothing more, nothing less. Just be you!

I hope these tips help you to powerfully put on your Yoga entrepreneur hat. Leave a comment and let us know which tip you are going to try on first!

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