Are You Busy? Me too!

I trust this finds you well and enjoying your beautiful life. If you are anything like me right now, life is full of exciting business and personal happenings. Actually, most people whom I have been connecting with lately are feeling extra busy, with a slight sense of over-whelm – my friend and I recently described it as life on high speed. Can you relate?

For me, it feels a little challenging to have such a full schedule as my constitution requires spaciousness and days of doing nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, I powerfully choose to have a fabulously full month celebrating Next Generation Yoga’s 20th Birthday with a social media series, launching the new NGY School-Based Educators Teacher Training, heading off to Enchanted Forrest Gathering in the redwoods this weekend, plus having my parents visit next week and then a women’s retreat with COR at the end of the month.

Deep breaths.

Taking a moment to pause amidst all the busy-ness.

But, why not have it all – you only live once right!?

But I couldn’t do it without taking extra, really good care of myself so that I can be in my full power with balance and success.

Here are three things that I am making sure to do this month to help me thrive amidst all the busy-ness. If you too are in busy mode, I invite you to join me in taking good care of so to make a big difference in how you succeed.

  1. Ask for help. I am clear, I do not have to do my business or life alone. Whether it is asking my team to help more with certain tasks in the biz, asking a colleague to give feedback on a marketing campaign, or asking a friend to hold me while I shed a tear – the good news is, I have found that people actually want to help. It oftentimes feels edgy and vulnerable to ask, but it’s so worth it to receive their help.
  1. Less multi-tasking. Gone are the days when I eat, bathe or poop while scrolling on my iPhone. (Sorry if that’s too much info, but I am pretty sure I am not alone;) Slowing down and being fully present per activity are keys to mindfulness, and who doesn’t want that. Besides research shows that multitasking is not the answer to getting more done because our brains just don’t work like that! Single focusing is.
  1. Radical self-care. Taking walks, meditation and Yoga are all priorities in the balancing act of life. So is getting good rest, eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water AND communicating healthy boundaries with friends, family, clients and colleagues. Even if it’s hard, sometimes saying “no” is the best answer because that is what’s true and necessary for having more ease and radical self-care for you.

The truth is whether you are in a spacious or busy life cycle, these strategies are essential all year long so regardless, I hope they help!

In support of you,

PS – Want more practical tools for making your life and business more balanced and successful? Join us for The Biz of Kids Yoga LIVE! – an 8-hour, in person, FUN workshop, designed specifically for Kids Yoga Teachers whether you want to go part or full time with your biz!



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