Balance in Teaching Adult & Kids Classes by NGY Teacher & Trainer Charlotte Light

I started my own Yoga practice about 15 year ago in what felt like a rigid, structured and formal studio environment. It makes me giggle thinking about how far Yoga has spread over the years. Now, I see Yoga classes offered in schools, outdoors, on paddleboards, even in grocery stores – yes, that’s why I giggle! This is a reminder that Yoga is a gift anywhere AND to anyone interested in teaching or trying it out.

After completing a 200-hour Teacher Training program with CorePower Yoga, I started teaching as many adult classes as I could. I noticed how both nervous and excited I was starting out and recall my body feeling rigid with anxiety. This loosened overtime, as any Yoga Teacher can attest to having a few nerves here and there while teaching! I even remember one of my old managers saying, “Why are you being so professional while teaching class? I KNOW how quirky you are, show that side of Charlotte as well!” The game changer for me as a Yoga Teacher happened when I enrolled in Next Generation Yoga’s (NGY) Teacher Training for 2-7 yr. olds in Seattle, WA. I felt like I was given a gift. I already had the capability of guiding adults through a Yoga class clearly and accessibly and NOW I could infuse the fun, child-like exploration and creativity that comes from Kids Yoga.

As I started to let loose with adults, I noticed more of my students were smiling while practicing Yoga. I also noticed more students trying on new poses and were lighter with their transitions – they seemed like they were channeling their inner child in class. Today, in my adult classes, I infuse mythology, constellations, and even under-water themes that I teach in Next Generation Yoga for kids classes and they LOVE this refreshing take on CorePower Yoga!


I’ve found my skillset for teaching kids and adults goes both ways. My background in teaching adults allows me to be super clear and concise while teaching kids. This helps to make my NGY classes accessible, successful and most importantly, safe. I dive deep into my “kid voice” as we explore Ancient India, an African Safari, or A Walk in the Woods and am able to turn on my “adult voice” if there becomes a need for safety or behavior management. These voices, kid and adult, serve different purposes and help create a well-rounded class for any age.

It takes a lot of energy and self-care to teach full-time and it truly is a gift. For me, my vitality is at its highest when I am teaching both adult and kids classes, regularly. I notice that I walk away more grounded after teaching adults, and more creative, loving and sympathetic after teaching kids. Each of these emotions enhance feelings of balance and sustainability as a full-time Yoga Teacher. I am so thankful for my adult training and especially to NGY, for opening my door to the playful, creative, loving side of Yoga!

Charlotte Light
NGY Teacher & Trainer
Salt Lake City, UT

charlotte-light-headshot-2016Charlotte discovered Yoga in 2004 as a compliment to her love and appreciation for competitive sports. Throughout her many years of practice, Yoga has offered her insight into the importance of community and human connection. Charlotte’s take away from her dedicated practice is that you don’t have to win to feel great!

Charlotte is Next Generation Yoga Teacher and Trainer, and has been teaching NGY classes since 2015. In 2014, she received her 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification through CorePower Yoga in Seattle. In addition to leading NGY Teacher Trainings, Charlotte facilitates 200-Hour CorePower Teacher Trainings, and has found she is skilled at and immensely enjoys guiding those on their Yoga Teacher journey, whether it is learning how to teach children or adults. She also serves as a mentor to NGY Teachers by offering support, guidance and wealth of knowledge to expand their expertise.

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  1. Lisa 4 years ago

    So many things I feel as well ? It’s a wonderful balance being able to teach kids and adult yoga ?

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