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I hope this finds you well & enjoying your beautiful life! Here in the West, we are deep in the gorgeous season of Summer. Fruits and veggies are abundant and so are outdoor activities.

I just returned from an East Coast adventure where I had the most fabulous time blending business with pleasure. It was a short trip, just 4 nights, but filled with so much goodness including teaching The Biz of Kids Yoga LIVE! at the ChildLight Yoga studio in Dover, New Hampshire plus enjoying play time with some of my favorite Kids Yoga peeps like Christyn Schroeder of KidPowerment Yoga, Denise Orsulak of All Kids Yoga and Sally Delisle of ChildLight Yoga. These ladies filled my heart with connection, support, laughter and fun!

And so did quality time with my Biz Bestie, Lisa Flynn – owner, founder and CEO of ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms. Not only did we sightsee in the gorgeous and historic Ogunquit, Maine, eat delicious food, stroll the beach, sip wine & coffee, sunbathe, meetup with a few family members, but we also had many juicy much-needed business conversations.

Here’s Lisa & I at the ChildLight Yoga studio

The truth is being a Kids Yoga entrepreneur can be lonely, scary and overwhelming. It can also be wildly exciting and like the greatest joyride on earth! Having a Biz Bestie and someone to share our deepest fears, biggest failures, exciting times and grandest ideas, is essential. We need someone who will listen, give feedback, and support us along the journey – just like any best friend would.

Inspired by my time with Lisa, our long lasting friendship and impact we’ve had on the industry, I want to encourage all Kids Yoga entrepreneurs to seek out a Biz Bestie. It’s easier than you think and here are a few things to help you on your way:

Distance doesn’t matter. Lisa and I live on different sides of the country, and still we have a solid relationship.

Connect regularly. While Lisa and I recently had the gift of meeting up in person, it’s not often that we do other than at the National Kids Yoga Conference. Still, we make an effort to connect by phone at least monthly.

Don’t hold back. Lisa and I share with each other our deepest fears and exciting business ideas. We don’t worry about being judged or competing. We trust and don’t hold back, anything.

Collaborate. It may have felt risky for Lisa to host me at her studio given that our businesses are pretty similar, but she saw the light and the possibility, and went with collaboration versus competition. This created so much sweetness and connection between us and our shared communities.

Stay open. With similar businesses, Lisa and I are always open to the idea of how we can collaborate. This past trip we tossed around the idea of a book! Stay tuned.

Finding a Biz Bestie is simple. Choose someone you respect, admire and want to grow with. Once you have them, let us know! Send me an email or leave a comment so we can all learn from you!

In support of you,

PS – The Biz of Kids Yoga Mastermind is starting up again in September and it’s the perfect place to meet a new Biz Bestie! Early bird registration is now open. Got questions or curious to know more? Email me, and let’s chat!

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  1. Lisa Flynn 4 years ago

    So sweet, real, and fabulous, just like our BBF relationship for several years now. ❤ i especially love and appreciate this: “Don’t hold back. Lisa and I share with each other our deepest f and exciting business ideas. We don’t worry about being judged or competing. We trust and don’t hold back anything.” So true and possibly foreign to some. But the truth is, if we are truly living our yoga, there is, fundamentally, such a foundation of trust and integrity, it leaves no room for competition…only support and promotion of something bigger than ourselves and our businesses, a profound passion for and dedication to forwarding our movement and the gazillion ways in which we can all collectively and creatively create ways to do so. Find a biz bestie, hop on board and enjoy the ride! We certainly do! Like a books-worth of wisdom… ❤

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