Biz Strategies that Make a Difference in Your Kids Yoga Biz

Recently I asked members of The Biz of Kids Yoga Community, “what is the number one thing that has had the biggest impact on your business?” I found their responses super inspiring that I’ve compiled them and would love to share some of them with you. I hope their insights and wisdom help to propel you in becoming introspective, attuned, focused and professional with your Kids Yoga biz – all important mindsets for Yoga entrepreneurs.

Keep in mind these wise words come from those who are dedicated to their career as Kids Yoga Teachers. They are either graduates of The Biz of Kids Yoga LIVE!, the 101-Online Course, TBoKY Mastermind, or have worked with me in a Private Mentorship setting.

A few of us from The Biz of Kids Yoga Community!

Regardless of whether you have taken a program in The Biz of Kids Yoga, you can still ask yourself the question, “What is the number one thing that has had the biggest impact on my business?”

Here are 11 faves and what some TBoKY Rockstars have to say:

  1. Mentors that inspire! (This one was a super popular response and many said “ditto!”)
  1. Community! (Also, had multiple “like’s” and “yes” responses!)
  1. When I started taking myself & my biz seriously, that was a game changer. When I saw myself as an expert + a biz woman + Yoga Teacher my mindset shifted and I feel fearless, excited & confident!! #entrepreneurpower!
  1. Learning when to ask for help. Knowing that even if I can wear all the hats, my time and resources are best spent when I engage others to do the parts of my business that I am not an expert at. The TBoKY community has been instrumental in helping to guide this. When I bring others on to help it keeps me accountable to my goals and timelines, and enlists others to be excited and to cheer for my businesses success.
  1. Managing my time in the most efficient way.
  1. Setting goals with a completion date!
  1. Always keeping a positive attitude & keeping love forefront in my heart.
  1. Always learning!
  1. When Jodi said: “listen to what people are asking from you.”
  1. Celebrating the small successes along the way to the big successes.
  1. Awareness of SOS – shiny object syndrome! Being aware of SOS and staying focused helps stay on task and knock out your to-do lists and leaves so much space left over for dreaming big!

I hope these brilliant responses inspire you to ask yourself the important question, “what business strategy is making a big difference in my career?” When we get clear on what it is, then we lean into it and can exercise that skill even more. Trust me this works!

So, take a breath, and a moment – it shouldn’t take more than that, because your one thing is so obvious to ya … hit the reply button or leave a comment below and share, “what ONE strategy is making a big difference in my Kids Yoga biz?” I cant wait to hear from you!

In support of you,

PS – If you are ready to join a group of savvy and dedicated Kids Yoga entrepreneurs, then don’t miss the opportunity to attend The Biz of Kids Yoga Live! event, or the upcoming TBoKY Mastermind which is online. Got questions about what’s best for you? Shoot me an email, I am happy to chat with you!


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