Blessing for the Children of the World by NGY Teacher Nicole Koleshis

As we enter into the last month of 2016, I’d like to offer the following words as a reminder and inspiration for all who care about and want to make the world a better place for the next generation. For the Kids Yoga teachers, school teachers, loving parents and grandparents, proud aunts and uncles, coaches, nannies and tutors, these words are for you. Hold them close to your heart and come back to them as often as needed to stay connected to why you do this work, why you’re loving and raising your kids the way you are, and why you stand for the next generation.
fam promo pic4We offer our prayers and blessings for the children of our world that they will raise their heads in confidence and lower them with humility.

We pray that the children of our world will be lifelong learners. That they will gain knowledge, grow in understanding, and find true wisdom.

We pray for the children of our world to see the beauty in their lives and the goodness in people. May they be able to close their eyes in restful slumber and open them in appreciation of the beautiful morning light.

We pray for the children of our world to hear the small still voice inside. The intuitive, soulful voice, the one that brings calm. Their own voice, the one that encourages good choices. And the voice of Spirit, the perfect combination of holy and humanity.

We pray for the children of our world to speak carefully. May they raise their voices in defense of the weak; to speak soothingly to those in need. May they use words that are productive and kind.

We pray for the children of our world to be flexible. When the time is right for compliance, may they bend. When it is in their best interest to stand their ground, may they have strength. May our children know the truth and not be stubborn in harmful ways.

We pray for the children of our world to love and trust with abundance. May they be attracted to their soulmates when the time is right. May their hearts be permeated with joy everlasting.

We pray for the children of our world to use their arms to embrace life with gusto. May they hug often and eagerly reach out to others in friendship and love.

We pray for the children of our world to be generous. May they share often as a way of living open-handedly. May they raise their palms in prayer and praise.

We pray for the children of our world to walk with purpose. May their legs take them to great places where they will thrive and prosper.

 Our prayer for the children of our world is for delight. May they often feel their toes curl up with pleasure. May they be happy. May they have the chance to be women and men who enjoy surprise and appreciate the little things in life.

This blessing was adapted by Nicole Koleshis and Jodi Komitor, NGY Founder, for the NGY Advanced Teacher Training.

Nicole Koleshis
Next Generation Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Director of Teacher Trainings
Seattle, Washington
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NicoleKoleshis_bio smallNicole Koleshis is a master Kids Yoga Teacher and pediatric Occupational Therapist based in Seattle. She has been sharing Yoga with children and families since 2002. Nicole’s work as an OT naturally led her to start teaching Yoga to children in schools and then inspired her to expand her Yoga offerings into the community and beyond.
Nicole is committed to furthering her knowledge as a Yoga teacher and as a student of Yoga through her own practice, by attending various trainings on Yoga and child development, and through continued research. In addition to her NGY certifications, she has completed the Radiant Child Yoga Program, Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT) Basics, and Circus Yoga Ring One. Nicole believes in loving big and laughing often and this is felt and experienced throughout the classes she teaches. She views each class not only as a fun and educational opportunity for children and families, but also for herself as a teacher. Children always have been and will continue to be her greatest source of inspiration and learning. She is inspired by their insightfulness, creativity and their ability to live in the moment.

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  1. Rebecca Freeman 4 years ago

    Beautifully written, Nicole!! But I never expected anything else from you! I feel your passion for what you do and your passion for all the children in this world – the small ones as well as the the big ones like us! 😉
    Love you and Merry Christmas! :-*

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