Chocolate Chip Cookie Yoga

When faced with a child who was resistant to doing yoga … I couldn’t help but meet him where he was at. Where he was at, was hungry with a large size chocolate chip cookie in his hand! Check out this kid inspired yoga lesson: Chocolate Chip Cookie Yoga.

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  1. Claire Mooney 9 years ago

    Thank you SO much for sharing this idea! I often find that the best classes come from the kid’s own ideas and are much better than anything I could dream up!
    Much love,
    Claire xxx

  2. Becca 9 years ago

    I am lucky enough to be one of the staff who attends Yoga with Jodi at the San Diego Center for Children. Chocolate Chip Yoga was such a creative and inspiring group for me to be in. To watch this kiddo with the cookie completely change his attitude and participate in the entire group was so exciting. I love watching kids who completely resisted relaxation groups before get so excited and run to Yoga group. This change 100% due to how much Jodi has engaged with them, been patient with them and works to meet their emotional needs each class.

    Jodi we all loved chocolate chip yoga!
    Becca xo

  3. maria 9 years ago

    Amazing – Thanks so much for sharing:-) Blessings to you
    XO maria

  4. Casey 9 years ago

    Jodi – This is absolutely a wonderful share and reminding us to meet the yogi where they are “at”. Plus, chocolate chip cookies and yoga…it doesn’t get better than that. Thank you again for sharing this and I hope you don’t mind, but I shared it on my facebook.

  5. Katrina 9 years ago

    Thank you for this blog. I expanded on this idea and taught an eat the rainbow class. We ate a food of each color that empowered us with different qualities. Like red makes you strong. And because the kids ate so healthy, they got a ‘sometimes’ food, chocolate chip cookies!
    It was great thank you so much. This blog was exactly what I was looking for!

  6. adina beth 9 years ago

    this is so cute!!!!!!!! love love love this idea. jodi you are so creative, fun, and inspiring. thanks!!!!

  7. Renee Oberhart 9 years ago

    I love how positive and happy you are! Very creative, fun idea for the kids to do too, instead of trying to force them to do more traditional yoga.

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