Choice Empowers Voice by NGY Teacher & Trainer, Lexi Anderson

Where would you be if you had been introduced to Yoga as a kid? As an adult, Yoga is used as a tool to undo all the stressors and unhealthy coping mechanisms that we have collected over our lifetime. What if instead, we lived in a world where positive stress management was learned at the same time as our early, basic skills? Kids spend most of their time under educational limits, confined to the direction of their teachers and parents without the freedom of their own individuality.

The beauty of Kids Yoga is the child-driven creativity developed by Next Generation Yoga. The power of choice opens the minds and hearts of every child in class. In the practice of Kids Yoga every student has the opportunity to share or pass, participate in partner activities, receive adjustments from their instructor, be spontaneous, and play on their wildest imagination. I had the pleasure of instructing a group of students that all had differing thoughts on the value of Yoga. In this voice empowering practice, we chanted affirmations “I AM STRONG! I AM POWERFUL! I AM A WARRIOR!”. One of the students had been resistant the entire practice until we got to chanting. He bellowed the affirmations from the bottom of his heart. Afterwards, each student had the opportunity to share their favorite mantra or pass. I could tell the same student was losing his excitement to participate once again. When the stick came his way he sat in silence, I reminded him he could share or pass. With the realization that he was in charge of his voice, he proudly gripped the sharing stick and exclaimed, “I pass!”.

This is the child-friendly version of a major throat chakra awakening. When you have the power to choose, you are always standing in your light and connected to your authenticity. The power of uninhibited, playful choice empowers the uniqueness of every single voice. In our voice and in our light, Together We Are One™.

Lexi Anderson
Next Generation Yoga Teacher & Trainer
Salt Lake City, UT

As a child, Lexi found her purpose and a new perspective on wellness through Yoga. After many years of practice, Yoga gifted her the joy that is sourced from community. She is inspired by the opportunity for everyone to benefit from Yoga in their own unique way. Lexi is a Next Generation Yoga Teacher & Trainer and has been teaching NGY classes for multiple years. In 2015, she received her 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification through CorePower Yoga in Utah. In addition to leading NGY Teacher Trainings, Lexi facilitates 200-Hour CorePower Teacher Trainings, and has found she is dedicated to supporting all Yogis, children and adults, in exploring their Yoga Journey. You can find Lexi teaching Yoga to kids in schools and Yoga studios. Her intention for sharing Yoga is surrounded by her passion for health in both the body and mind. Her driving focus is to allow every child to experience strength, peace, and community.


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