Wednesday Walk ~ Choose Compassion

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’, I share about how choosing to be compassionate with others ~ especially when they are going through a tough time ~ is so important for having authentic relationships. While it may be difficult at first, when we choose to project love, kindness and compassion toward others instead of reacting to negative emotions, we can create space that allows healing to occur. And, we must have compassion with our self too! Check out my ‘Wednesday Walk’ to hear more about how choosing compassion in the midst of pain opens us up to healing and honoring our whole selves and others.

I would love to hear from you. How is compassion showing up in your life? Are you ever challenged with having compassion for others? What about compassion for yourself? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,


  1. Paula 8 years ago

    Yes, true Compassion brings Love within everyone~!
    People grow as Flowers when given Pure Love
    Begin each day by saying ‘God I wish to do your will
    Thank You God for Today’~
    Children lead us to Goodness everyday!

    • Author
      jodibk 8 years ago

      i began with these words today paula! thank you so much for sharing them!!!

  2. Jill McManigal 8 years ago

    Oh Jodi! Your beautiful, bright, wise spirit lifts me higher and higher. Thank you for the weekly pep talk that consistently calls my better angels out to play. You inspire me so. With tears of joy, I thank you. With great enthusiasm, I love you!!!

    • Author
      jodibk 8 years ago

      LOVE you jillsy to the moon <3

  3. Laurine 8 years ago

    Hi Jodie, Thanks for your blog….it always reaches me at just the right moment. I have behaved like your friend. Instead of being conscious in a conversation with my son; i found that I was overreacting to a small lie. Being lied to carries such a trigger in my life that has absoultely nothing to do with him. I am sitting with your advice and will try to remember compassion for myself and my pain without overreacting to a perceived transgression. Sending you much peace and well wishes from San Diego.

    • Author
      jodibk 8 years ago

      beautiful awareness laurine! thank you for sharing so vulnerably ~ it is the key to compassion <3

  4. Jap-Ji Keating 8 years ago

    Good morning, dear Jodi. I think that compassion shows up in my life in ways that are stressful and actually part of living with being over 60. It is very difficult to watch my husband growing older and to be aware of the fact that being 13 years younger, puts me in the position of having to do much more work– compassionately. Sometimes, that does not fit with my plans and other times, I am able to try a little tenderness. I understand the need to step back, observe, detach, and then move into action. Thanks for your sweet reminder.

    • Author
      jodibk 8 years ago

      you are a gift jap-ji! thank you for sharing, always <3

  5. Jen 8 years ago

    I am currently reading “Anger” by Thich Nat Han. He writes about the requirement of deeply and compassionately listening being a key to transmuting anger. My practice is to take out my ego (as you described doing) and to listen with compassion. It’s a greater challenge than it may seem when the person’s choices affect you and others you love. Maybe that is when getting the gift of someone else’s listening of my story can be a great service. This is why therapy is so prevalent ay? 🙂

    • Author
      jodibk 8 years ago

      i love you so much jen girl ~ glad to know you are always growing & glowing. big hug! xx

  6. Esme 8 years ago

    Jody how marvelous! Yes and as we show the next generation our own compassion for self and others, just by being that Love in all our actions a whole new race of kind, gentle and caring people will emerge. Thank you darling. You are just making such a difference. xxx

    • Author
      jodibk 8 years ago

      yes ~ we are creating a better future for our world esme!

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