Consistency Matters

I hope this finds you well today. I am writing you from the Bay Area where I have been enjoying settling in lately. It’s been 6-months since I have been living “home-free” and while I am loving it, I can feel my spirit getting ready to land in a place to call home. Until then, I will continue to explore, adventure and enjoy the freedom.

Recently, I have been ruminating on the concept of consistency. And no, I am not referring to the thickness of a substance or viscosity, though I do have a very sensual side to me and enjoy experiencing and exploring different textures.

I am speaking about regularity.

There are things that we do in our life on a regular basis because it makes us feel a certain way. For example, last week I started eating a dish called Kitchari. My Ayurvedic doctor, Scott Blossom, recommended that I eat it consistently for a year. “OMG, a year!?!” I bet you are thinking. Well, I thought the same thing (and still am) when he suggested it. He preaches food as medicine and if I want to see a radical shift in my health, including curing the psoriasis on my skin, then I need to be consistent. (Well, at least 70-80% of the time, he said.)

TBoKY Consistency Matters pic copy

My delicious Kitchari with carrots, cauliflower & kale – yum yum!

Well if consistently eating Kitchari could clear up my skin, I believe that being consistent with other practices can and does influence our life, relationships and business. And since I am committed to supporting you with The Biz of Kids Yoga – let’s look at how consistency plays a role in business.

When I think about how being consistent can impact and make a difference in business, I think of the following:

Market consistently. Whether you are sending email newsletters or doing social media posts, make your marketing campaigns regular and consistent. Choose how frequently and when you will send out emails as well as when you will post on social platforms. Stick to it. Period. Not only will your clients expect and look forward to hearing from you, but you will stay top of their mind for all things Kids Yoga. Use your calendar to help you stay consistent.

Teach consistently. If you commit to teaching a Kids Yoga class on a certain day for a specific amount of time, ie. a six-week series, then do just that. There is nothing worse than a teacher constantly subbing out their classes. Parents and kids will pick up on your lack of commitment and vice-versa, when you show up consistently, your students and the families will feel and trust your dedication. This is so good for business.

Manage money consistently. For many Kids Yoga Teachers, invoicing, collecting money, budgeting and managing money is oftentimes not the fun part of the job. It is easy to fall behind with invoicing and collecting monies from schools, studios and students. If you want a steady stream of income, value your worth, and desire others to respect your worthiness, then be consistent with our money matters. Use a calendar with reminders so that you stay top of your money game, and never fall behind again.

I could go on and on about how consistency really matters in biz.

I am curious about what other things do you do in your biz on a consistent basis that make a difference for your success? Leave a comment on the blog or send me an email.

In support of you,

PS – I would love to hear how consistency plays a role in your life. What practices do you implement on a regular basis and how has it impacted your life for the better? What happens when you aren’t consistent with these practices? Send me an email, I promise to reply!

  1. Kate 4 years ago

    Wonderful point. Even picking one thing to consistently commit to bring a sense of stability to an otherwise chaotic schedule. A grounding point, if you will. Choosing to prioritize and let the less important things take a hiatus or a background position helps in doing this. I feel as if the myth that we can and should have it all all at once is dis-empowering, exhausting, and even dangerous.

    • Jodi Komitor 4 years ago

      i totally agree kate! i recently saw a sign that said, “you can do anything, but not everything.” besides, who wants to do everything. thanks for reading & sharing! xo jodi <3

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