Ending My Adventure Tour + 5 Biz Lessons Learned

I hope this finds you warm, well & full of wonder during these holy days. I can hardly believe 2016 is coming to an end! It certainly has been a year full of celebrations & challenges – I know you know.

I am excited to be closing out the year with the end to my “adventure tour.” I spent the past seven months living home-free, working remotely, travelling, exploring different cities, staying with friends, Airbnb-ing, subletting and simply enjoying life and Next Generation Yoga with location freedom. I have learned so much about myself and how to run a business on the road which I’ll share with you below.

This week I moved into a new apartment in Oakland, California. I love this town for its culture, diversity, creativity and energy. In some ways, it reminds me of my beloved New York City. In other ways, it is like no other. It is a concrete jungle, yet full of nature, like the gorgeous Lake Merritt and the surrounding Redwood forests. I look forward to immersing in my new town with a socially active community while growing personally & professionally in new ways this coming year.


Here’s me post signing my lease with my keys & garage clicker in hand!

Many have asked about my “adventure tour” and how it’s been for me and so as it comes to a close, I feel inspired to share with you the top five lessons I learned in how to run a Kids Yoga business no matter where you live. The cool thing about these learnings are that they are tools I’ll for sure implement even now that I am settling into a fixed home. These lessons are so powerful and transferrable that I invite you to try them on, too.

  1. Start my day with me. Over the past seven months, I cannot tell you how many different beds I have woken up in. While it’s been super fun and adventurous, I am looking forward to having consistency and comfort of my own digs. One of the greatest things I did for my personal well-being and business productivity, during my “adventure tour,” was committing to starting my day with me. This included a morning ritual of self-care such as drinking hot-water, meditating, journaling, yoga-ing and watching this inspiring video. On my most disciplined days, I did all of this before checking my voicemail, text messages, emails and social media. I noticed that when I did this, my mood was elevated and my work flow was super productive. I intend on continuing this ritual as I know how good it made me & my biz feel.
  1. Schedule time to work on my business. Being home-free meant a lot of time on the road, transitioning from one place to another, and then settling in and grounding from all the travels. As well, lots of fun distractions like visiting with friends and checking out new sites. At times, I felt ungrounded and in Ayurveda-terms, vata-deranged. In order for me to stay on top of my business responsibilities, I used my calendar to schedule time to work on my biz. Literally, this meant creating appointments with myself to focus on specific projects, write emails, generate blogs posts, social media, marketing, etc. I held myself accountable to these time slots as if they were just as important as any other appointment because if I did not, then I could have fell behind or missed out on my commitments to send out newsletters, communicate with customers or meet with my team. Whether traveling, vacationing, living home-free or working from home – I know the extreme importance of scheduling time to work on my business versus just doing it when I have the time and space.
  1. Environment is everything. One of the things that I found to be essential while being on “tour” and staying in different places was finding an environment that was conducive to working. In my biz, I do a lot of computer work, coaching calls and video-chat meetings. On days when I was doing solely computer work, I would go to quiet café’s or co-work spaces and sometimes co-work alongside with friends. I found these options to be very motivating and I was able to focus and get sh*t done. On days when I had my coaching calls (mostly on Thursdays & Fridays,) I would work from “home” where it was quiet and peaceful. I love breaking up my work environment and finding new inspiring places and people to work alongside. I find the variety a nice way to bring the adventure alive in my biz.
  1. Stay organized. With all the moving around I did over the past seven months it could have been very easy to forget all I needed to do in my biz. One of my favorite organizational tools is Trello. While I know this platform has lots of uses that I may not be fully taking advantage of, yet, I enjoy using it as my daily to do list. What I love most about it is that not only does the desktop version sync with my iPhone, but I can easily move things around in order of importance. I tend to have a running to-do list and aim to accomplish just three things a day which are always at the top of my list. I will definitely be using this tool ongoing and invite you to do so too!
  1. Value time & location freedom. There is something very special about having location and time freedom. As a Yoga entrepreneur, I can set my own hours and work from anywhere in the world. That being said, no matter where I am, I manage Next Generation Yoga and facilitate The Biz of Kids Yoga with deep dedication, commitment and presence. I have created my life by design not by default and I truly honor and value having time and location independence. Being on an “adventure tour” has reminded me of this blessing and as I root myself back to having a leased home, I will endeavor to take more breaks, travel more, visit with friends and most certainly implement all that I learned while being so free.

I hope my “adventure tour” lessons inspire you the way they have me. I would love to hear from you about your desires for creating a business that works for you no matter where you are living or working in the world. I know my experience is unique and may not be for everyone, but I am happy to share with you more about it if you desire. Just shoot me an email & let’s chat about how to scale and leverage your biz.

In support of you,

PS – I know the holidays are coming, and you may be unplugging for the next few weeks, which I totally support. Just a quick reminder that The Biz of Kids Yoga Mastermind starts in January and early bird pricing ends December 31st. Learn about how you can grow your biz so that it works for you!


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