EVOLvED Training Feedback

    We sincerely hope you enjoyed the EVOLvED Heart-Centered, Mindful Education Teacher Training as much as we enjoyed having you. We're so grateful for your time and participation. Please take a few moments to share your feedback with us so we can improve our training (it really is our baby!) Upon completion, you will be gifted a FREE NGY Lesson Plan.

    Thank you & Namaste!



    Teacher Training:

    Did you get what you hoped for/needed? Please choose the appropriate response for each question:

    1. Understanding of what yoga + mindfulness are and how the practices benefit students and educators with varied background?
    Just RightMore PleaseToo Much Comment:

    2. Exploration of yoga + mindfulness activities, exercises, poses, and games? Just RightMore PleaseToo Much Comment:

    3. Information, resources, and ideas to make yoga + mindfulness fun and appropriate for children in the classroom setting.
    Just RightMore PleaseToo Much Comment:

    4. Did you find the training to be organized and well-structured?
    YesNoNeeds Work Suggestions:

    5. Was there ample time for active reflection and discussion with the class?
    YesNo Comment:

    6. Prior to the course, did you find the information about the Teacher Training helpful and the registration process streamlined?
    YesNo Comment:

    7. Was the general flow of the schedule comfortable for you?
    YesNo Comment:

    8. How did the environment of the training (online or in-person) impact your experience?


    9. Was there sufficient time for questions and connecting with the trainer?
    YesNo Comment:

    10. For our next generation of trainees what would you suggest we emphasize more or less of?

    More of: Less of:

    11. List 3 words that describe your overall experience with this EVOLvED Teacher Training?:

    12. Kindly share a comment, compliment and or testimonial about your experience with the EVOLvED Teacher Training that we may use in our marketing materials. Thank you!


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