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I know you may be enjoying a little Spring break this week, and if you are, I wish you lots of rest, rejuvenation and light-hearted fun … Actually, I wish that for you whether you are or aren’t on an official break; It’s what life is about, right!?

While I am not on a proper break of any kind, I am finding moments of relaxation as I need it in order to fully thrive in my biz. One of my favorite things to do these days is to walk around Lake Merritt in Oakland and then have a seat to soak up the earth and sunshine. I highly encourage you to get your movement on, daily, as it’s essential for keeping the mind sharp, ideas flowing and creativity alive – all which are important for successful Yoga entrepreneurism.

Here’s me lakeside, visioning my biz!

Recently I sent out an email offering peeps the opportunity to ask me any Kids Yoga business related questions. Supporting teachers, like you, is a passion of mine and I’ll do anything I can to help you have a successful Kids Yoga biz. So if you have any questions related to The Biz of Kids Yoga, feel free to email them my way!

Anyway, one courageous Kids Yoga Teacher asked me a simple yet perplexing question that I’ll answer in today’s blog. She asked: How do I get the word out about my Yoga biz?

Whether you are a new teacher or have been at it for a while, I imagine that you often ask yourself this same question. I know I do, especially every time I launch a new class, course or product.

So how do you get the word out about your Kids Yoga biz?

Here are five must-do’s:

  1. Tell everyone you know what you are up to. This may seem obvious, but so many forget to tell even their closest friends what they are up to. And while your besties and family may already know about your Kids Yoga classes, what about other peeps in your community? I mean seriously, what about the bank teller who handles your deposits, your Yoga Teacher at the studio, the person who bags your groceries, or the school librarian? While I am not saying you need to start bragging or be weird or socially awkward around people you don’t know, but you could simply start up a conversation with them and see where it leads. You never know who has a child or knows someone who is interested in what you are offering. Word of mouth is the best way to grow your biz and trust me, I have experienced gaining new business from the most random referrals. Being a Kids Yoga Teacher means being an active member in your community, so why not share and talk with others. Like I said, you never know where it my lead you and besides, if you want have a booming business, then you better be committed to spreading your own good word! Oh, and when you do get a “bite” and someone expresses interest in your classes, do be sure you have a business card to give them, but better yet a place to write down their contact information so you can follow up with them. Maybe even offer them a free or discount on their first class because they were so fun to chat with. 😉
  1. Use social media. Now you may be rolling your eyes as you read those three words, but trust me when I say, social media is your friend and your online “friends” are your friends but they are also your potential customers as well as your marketing messengers. Commit to posting about your Kids Yoga business a few times a week, at least four or five. But don’t just try to get people to buy your services as nobody wants to be constantly sold to. Instead, post about something that will give your peeps value and enhance their life. Consider posting a cute pic of one of your students (with permission, of course), a fun story about something that happened in class or a guided visualization that you love to use during Savasana. Simply put, use the formula: give, give, give, ask. So for every three times that you post something that is valuable, you then get to promote your business.
  1. Incentivize. There is a reason why stores, like Costco for example, offer you free samples. It is because they want you to try their product, fall in love with it and buy it. Imagine if you did the same with your customers and offered them a free (or significantly discounted) first class. They try it, they love it, they buy it. As much as possible, let students come and sample your classes. But don’t stop there, even though they had fun, be sure that you follow up with them as that is your job, not theirs.
  1. Stay committed. The thing about building your Kids Yoga business is that it takes time. You better believe that the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is very apropos here. There will be days and even months where you want to give up. You think to yourself, I am doing everything I can, and still, it’s not building. And then one day, it does! Trust me, I have been there and know this path well. The best thing we can do with growing our business is treat it like our Yoga practice. Tend to it daily, stay committed and never give up on it. You are doing great!
  1. You don’t have to do it alone. While you may be in business for yourself, you don’t have to do your business by yourself. The truth is that running a small biz can be scary, overwhelming and kinda like being on a dark, fast paced rollercoaster. One of the best suggestions I can offer you in how to get the word out about your Kids Yoga biz is to be open to getting support. Husbands, friends and family members are wonderful for emotional support, but having a mentor and a community of business savvy colleagues who really know and understand your business is essential. Why try to figure it all out on your own, when there are professionals who have been where you are and are ready, willing and able to guide you to where you want to go. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with hiring a mentor and getting support – it’s what I have done my entire career and the secret to my success.

I could go on and on about the above, but I encourage you to start with these basics. With focus, attention and intention, the word will be spreading like wildfire. Remember, it just takes time and consistency.

In support of you,

PS ~ I am super excited that registration is now open for The Biz of Kids Yoga Mastermind. If you are ready to expand your business with the support of a mentor (that’s me!) plus a community of like-minded others, then click here to read about this career and life changing course!

PPS ~ Want me to answer your business related questions? Shoot me an email & I’ll happily get back to you!


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