Wednesday Walk ~ Healing Happens

Happy Wednesday Friends!

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’, I share with you some ways that I have been processing the passing of my dog Chants. It has been two weeks since Chants’ passing. I knew that even though he was no longer able to join me in a physical sense anymore, I would need to keep walking. Walking has helped me stay connected to nature, connected to my body and connected to the spirit of Chants. Continuing to honor a tradition that he and I shared not only lifts my spirit, but it allows me to express my love and reverence for our relationship. Please watch my video blog to hear about the other great tools that have helped me move from grief to healing.

I would love to hear from you. What are some tools that have helped you process grief and move towards healing? Please leave a comment below so we can all learn from you.

All love,

  1. Wendy F 8 years ago

    Hi Jodi,
    Peace and blessings to you and Chants…I’m so sorry for your loss. I just lost my cat of 12 years last month. I understand the new journey you’re on. Throughout the major losses in my life (mostly human), I’ve found a few things to be constant in re-learning your way: 1) maintain the things that bring you joy, even if it’s hard; 2) forgive yourself (for living, for surviving, for choices made, etc); 3) as a habit, write out the chaos every day so you can function. As you continue the journey, you’ll notice how your writings change and begin to lean towards hope; 4) share your story with people who get it; 5) Love and believe in yourself – your grief journey is a sane response to an insane situation. It is what it is.
    Peace, Wendy (my son, Ari, attended NWL for 3 years…that’s how I met you 🙂

    • jodibk 8 years ago

      beautiful wendy ~ so wonderful to hear form you & thank you for sharing your 5 ways of coping … i will absolutely try them all on!! you are brilliant and wise and i have lots to learn from you – we all do.
      it warms my heart to know that chants is with your cat now – i bet they are playing chase 🙂
      love to you & ari!

  2. ANITA!!! 8 years ago

    Such a beautiful share. Little by little over time and again Chants is always with you and all he shared with. I just had a strong visual of Chants come to me as I was writing this. For me too it helped to talk and be with people who were sensitive and understanding of my needs. I remember calling an old boyfriend just because he knew my cat Taz and I knew he would want to know and that he would also share in that loss with me and be able to say something to soothe me and that is exactly what happened. I am also having a memory of a friend coming to my apartment in SD and my cat Taz had passed a few years before my move and Black Magic much earlier than Taz. It was the first time this friend had been to my apartment and his first question was “Where is the cat? I feel like there should be a cat here.” and Well, I thought proof again that my boys were with me. Keep moving forward. Much Love!!

    • jodibk 8 years ago

      i love that you felt chants as you wrote this comment … thank you for being so connected to our furry friends. i love you so much anita!

  3. Shirlene 8 years ago

    Your brightness is getting brighter and that makes my heart happy! That purple shirt is beyond gorgeous…please tell me where I can get one! I too increase the walking and the yoga when I need to heal…and I watch movies that make me cry. Sure hope this gives you a chuckle, as we all know laughing is the best!
    Love~ Hugs~ Pixie Dust~

    • jodibk 8 years ago

      beautiful shirline ~ i love you so much & yes, you made me chuckle … i can hardly wait to walk & yoga with you and give you the shirt. i love you very much!

  4. Lani 8 years ago

    I’ve gone through a tremendous loss in my life as you know (besides losing Bandha) and to get through it in the beginning, I did so much work. I wrote on a blog, spent time with friends, saw lots of live music and danced, practiced lots of yoga, went back to work as quickly as possible which was a huge help and just talking about it I think was most important. Grief is a process, one with its ups and downs and you’ll never get completely through it. Most important is to just deal with your emotions as they come up. lots of love. xo

  5. Betsy 8 years ago

    You continue to inspire me!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your new group of friends at the training.
    Thanks for the giggle you gave me at the end of the video as you stepped back from the waves.

  6. Joanne Scanlon 8 years ago

    Thanks for continuing to share your process with us, Jodi. A week ago I Obie had a vet appointment and I shared with him your story of your beautiful relationship with Chants and the respectful, and loving passing process. I was so relieved that he was familiar with and has gone to homes in similar situations. He assured me that it was something he was comfortable doing when that far off day came. If you had not shared this … I would never have known it was a possible option.
    I have lost dogs before and all I can say is it wasn’t how I would have liked the process.
    Such a bright light you are … sharing your love ~

  7. Dorothy 8 years ago

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.

    My husband and I are going through a difficult time. We have 2 German Shepherds – a one-year old (Ranger) and a twelve-year old (Tahoe). Tahoe has not been doing well, and we have shed so many tears knowing that he will not be with us for very long.

    I, too, am a yoga teacher. What a gift to be able to turn to our practice – both on and off the mat.

    Much Love, Dorothy

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