Wednesday Walk ~ Home is Where the Heart is

Happy Wednesday Friends!

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’, I open myself up to the wonderful saying that “Home is Where the Heart is”. As most of you know, I recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. Before this move I had spent 6 years in San Diego, and 16 in New York City. My life has always felt balanced, grounded and rooted. While I am LOVING the Bay Area and I know that it is the best move I could have ever made, this transition certainly has me feeling ungrounded. As I explore the new city that will one day have my own home, I am filled with happiness and love … and I am reminded that despite not having a home of my own yet, home is where my heart is. Please enjoy my video blog to learn more about this process.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you experienced a big change that left you feeling uprooted? What were your methods for grounding yourself? How have you ever felt that home is where the heart is? Please share a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you.

All love,


  1. Vicki 8 years ago

    Love the music on this video blog! Great choice!
    Home is where the heart is! End of thought! After traveling across North Africa for one year I came to realize my caravan friends, the camper van, and each place was home! What makes the journey to a new place so exciting is that it is a choice! Each day I traveled was filled with wonder and awe…and wander! So it was an exciting time. My journeys are many and varied…but you are so right..when my heart was joyful, fulfilled, in awe, at peace, in the NOW, I was/am at hOMe…xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to you Jodi!

  2. Beth 8 years ago

    Once again Sister, I feel you. Last year around this time we were in serious danger of losing our home in LA. As in, having it taken away from us and losing everything we worked so hard to create. My boys were sensing the stress and the ugliness all this brought. I came to realize that home is indeed where the heart is, that the house was only a shell and that our love was home. We were able to sell the home before we lost it and “gypsyed” around LA staying in sublets until we came here to Encinitas. During the whole process I felt secure and grounded knowing that as long as we felt love and peace within ourselves and our unit, we were home. LOVE you Jodi. xoxox

  3. Cecilia Culverhouse 8 years ago

    Thank you Jodi! Welcome home! Home is where the heart is – and some places allow us to connect with our hearts more deeply. Feeling ungrounded and wanting to find the place where my heart spoke clearly led me to move to SF a year ago.

    After several years of feeling uncomfortable in NYC, two mentors sat me down and pointed out that my vision to be a wife, mother, and conscious connector weren’t happening in NYC . The Universe spoke through them, I believe, and their words freed me to find the place that resonated in my heart.

    On January 2, I started a three-month journey across the U.S. Along the way, I met great people my friends connected me with, shared family, meals, consoled broken hearts, danced, and laughed. I met with entrepreneurs innovating in creative fantastic ways, and saw our country’s majestic natural bounty. It was scary and elating.

    The Universe stopped me in San Francisco, where like you, I was drawn but feeling ungrounded. Here, I asked for the Universe to give me a break from my travels. The next day I sprained my ankle jumping on a trampoline. The irony of this is cosmic! Feeling ungrounded and spraining the part of your body that connects you to the ground. It was a total gift too. The sprain allowed me to see how my now-boyfriend Jonah shows up in an emergency (strongly and calmly) and to observe him in his home environment for a week. A year later, I’m living in San Francisco with Jonah, in love, and creating conscious connections daily.

    Stay connected- your roots are unfurling through SF’s hilly Serpentine ground!

  4. Casey Feicht 8 years ago

    HI Jodi

    Thaks for sharing your journey with us! I have experienced much of the same. After my divorce, almost 5 years ago, I moved around with a 2 year old, getting settled took a while, and felt my home was in my heart and with my family who loved me while I was healing through the change. I know you will land and be even more grounded soon.

    Namaste & Play!
    Casey 😉

  5. Stacey 8 years ago

    Hi Jodi,

    I’m wishing you joy, peace, happiness and wonderful adventures in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful city. You have a beautiful heart. I know you will rise to the occasion and create wonder, joy and beauty all around you. Life is about change. Be open and invite it. Enjoy!!

    Love you,


  6. ANITA!!! 8 years ago

    Always, always Home is where the Heart is. Peace and Love are truly a choice we make in each moment. I have learned this from my travel across the country to San Diego and now to Mexico and then even within Mexico. Looks like you are doing just fine and enjoying the process. As Baron Baptiste had said, in one of my classes, when you can feel that no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what happens you are taken care of, you will know peace. Don’t know if these were the exact words but it was the message and I feel it. This I find to be very, very true.

  7. Marie Paccard 8 years ago

    Hello my darling Jodi
    First and foremost, I wish you Love and Tranquility in your new home. YES even though you do not have your own home yet, you certainly are in a place that is you.
    I have moved to a new home outside of Paris and I am still not grounded. Even though the house is spacious and is away from the city, it still is a concrete jungle with no pure air to breath.
    I had an aha moment the other day with Arnaud! We realized that it was time to move on and especially now that we cannot buy the house that was previously open for sale. We have decided that we should go to South Africa. This means back home for me and a place where I am really at peace in my heart and my whole. Arnaud felt the same when we were there in 2010. Many things have been calling me back. My mom is ill and bedridden so a plane ride to France will not be easy for her, again the calling is evident. With all this I wish you all the best and am certain you will be just fine.
    Namaste to you and all

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