How Much to Charge?

I trust this finds you well and in the groove of the new year. Life’s been settling in for me as I continue to nest in my new home in Oakland. It feels good!

This week marks my 10 years living in California. I remember leaving New York City, with my dog Chants, and following the Sun across country till I landed in San Diego. I feel so grateful for my roots as an east coaster, my expansion to the west, living in southern and northern California and all I have learned along the way. It’s truly amazing to look back at how I have personally and professionally transformed over the years.


Here’s me & Chants on the afternoon we arrived in Del Mar, California

As I look back on the years that I have been in the Kids Yoga industry – one thing I know for sure is that my class rates have changed depending on whom I was teaching, where I was living and my experience level at the time. So often I hear Kids Yoga Teachers asking, “How much should I charge?” This is a very good and important question but truthfully difficult for me, without knowing more details, to answer.

So, I’d like to empower you with tips for getting clear on what you can and should charge. Here we go …

Know your class. The number of students, their needs, the location and time teaching will all influence how much you can charge for your Kids Yoga classes. When determining your pricing, be sure to ask these questions:
Is it a small class of eight students or less, or large like 20 or more?
Is it a private session or group class?
How long is the class – 30 or 45 minutes?
Do the kids have special needs or are they typically developing?
Is there a drive of 30 minutes or more or is the class at a local/home studio with no commute at all.

Take into consideration all these pieces in order to get clear on how much to charge. Obviously, small classes with 8 kids who are typically developing and being taught at a nearby studio for just 30 minutes will be less pay than a larger group or kids with special needs where you would need to drive a bit for a 45 minute class. Note – private classes are always a higher price point.

Own your level of experience. The price I charged for teaching when I first started out is very different now that I have been in business with Next Generation Yoga for almost 20 years! With more experience comes a higher pay rate. Once you have been teaching for over 3, 5, 8 & ten years – you are more seasoned at your craft and can charge more for your services. Let this be an invitation for you to confidently increase your prices with your more years of teaching.

Do some research. Because each city, state and country have a unique socio-economic status, it is often expected that different communities will afford different rates. For example, New York City and San Francisco rates may be the same but different than Boise and Santa Fe. Best to do some research and see what other Kids Yoga Teachers are charging in your city or a city nearby and just like yours. As best you can, compare apples to apples, meaning research another teacher who is equally skilled as you, also teaching a Kids Yoga class with the same number of students, at a similar location, for the same amount of time. This will give you some rational data and insight as to what you can charge.

Know your worth. While it is essential to look at the data (as I’ve described above) in order to get an idea of what to charge, it is also important to name a price that you feel worthy of. A simple way to do this is to get clear on what amount you feel really good about being paid for a class. This amount should make you feel proud, at peace and like your time is being valued. Let’s say it’s $50 per class. Now ask yourself at what price would you feel like The Biz of Kids Yoga ROCKSTAR meaning if someone paid you this amount, you would be over the moon. Let’s go with $70. Consider, now asking to be paid $60 (somewhere in between) so that even if the client needs to go lower, you will still be paid your worth.

Ideally, by taking the time to explore the kind of class you will be teaching along with some research and owning your expertise and worth, you should have a clear answer to the question, “How much should I charge?”

If you don’t, please send me an email and I’ll happily support you along the way.

With love,

PS – The Biz of Kids Yoga Mastermind is still forming. People in this group are just like you, with questions and Yoga goals. Want more information? Email me!


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