How to Be a Professional Kids Yoga Entrepreneur

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I am pretty sure you know about my Adventure Tour. If not, I’ll share … since May, I have been living “home-free,” staying in different parts of the Bay Area & working remotely. This past week I arrived at a friend’s place on a sweet island called Alameda – it is in the East Bay and just about 10 miles from San Francisco. I have learned so much about myself during these past few months and have loved the adventuring that I experience, every day!

While at times I have felt a bit ungrounded, I have also had long stretches of focus and productivity. Namely now as I am currently putting the finishing touches on my new online course, called The Biz of Kids Yoga 101. I am so excited to share it with you and know it will be so useful for you as you step more into your power of being a Yoga biz owner! Stay tuned for more deets when it’s ready!

Filming day for The Biz of Kids Yoga 101

Filming day for The Biz of Kids Yoga 101

For now, I am happy to deliver today’s blog about showing up as a professional Kids Yoga entrepreneur. Now when I say being professional, I don’t mean that you need to be up tight or too serious – but I do believe that if you want to have a successful business teaching Kids Yoga, then you should match your actions with your intentions.

I am excited to share with you suggestions for how to be a professional Kids Yoga entrepreneur:

  1. Use professional language. When appropriate, call yourself a Yoga entrepreneur versus a Yoga Teacher. This is a powerful shift and others will perceive you differently when they hear that you own a small business. I know this can be confronting, but try it on … try doing it at a cocktail party when you meet someone new!
  1. Schedule mindfully. I have heard from many Yoga entrepreneurs that they have a hard time being productive – a very important skill that you need in order to run and have a successful business. I recommend that you use a calendar. Every week, schedule times in your calendar to work ON your biz by making appointments with yourself. Be sure to honor and keep your appointments just like you would any other appointment, like going to the Dr. or teaching a class. This appointment is just as important as any other.
  1. Manage your money. Regardless of where you are at in your business, just starting up or been at it for years, you’ll want to be sure that you are keeping track and managing your income and expenses. Nothing is worse for a business owner than being clueless around finances and hoping that it all works out in the end. Try using an app like Mint, Quicken or QuickBooks or just use an excel doc or pen and paper. No matter what, just be sure to do this!

Being a professional Kids Yoga entrepreneur isn’t as hard as it seems. I would love to hear from you about the things that you are doing that have you showing up professionally and in alignment with how you want your career to succeed. Please leave a comment and share with us so we can all learn from you.

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  1. Heather Lee Leap 4 years ago

    Thanks Jodi! Your second point, scheduling time to work ON your business, was one of the most important messages I took away from TBOKY Live. Your emphasis on scheduling the time rather than trying to squeeze business tasks in between teaching classes creates a business mindset and is much more efficient.

  2. Cynthia 4 years ago

    Love this Jodi! Once again thank you for your wisdom. Your advice makes the world of difference to being a successful kids yoga entrepreneur ❤️

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