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Have you ever gotten a raving review and you want others to hear it because you know that they too would benefit from your services? There’s no shame in that! Especially when it is coming from a healthy, genuine place. Because truly, marketing should never be slimy and salesy, but rather authentic and honest. I heard it best once like this, marketing is when you let people know that you are here to help them.
So, I am here to let you know that I can help you and I’ve got a raving review to prove it!

This just in from Audrey Beaugh of Silly Hearts Yoga, my Monday VIP DAY client:

“I am absolutely thrilled that I had an opportunity to spend a 5-hour VIP DAY with Jodi. It was amazing to have that time focused on a few key aspects of my business where I was feeling stuck and unsure about next steps. By the end of the day, we had compiled a list of action items with specific deadlines to help keep me focused and working with purpose. Jodi’s expertise and insights into being a successful Kids Yoga entrepreneur are truly invaluable, and investing the time, money and energy into this VIP DAY has already given me tremendous value. I no longer feel like I’m spinning in circles trying to figure out next steps – I am focused, motivated, energized and ready to take my business to the next level. Having a full day of Jodi’s undivided attention and guidance has given me the confidence and push to continue growing my business. I highly recommend this VIP DAY to any Kids Yoga entrepreneur who is looking for that next opportunity for growth.”  

Not only was Audrey’s VIP DAY wildly motivating for her and influential for her biz, but I loved it too! Being on the West coast, I woke up super early to serve her on the East coast. I felt energized, alive, inspired and on purpose.

It truly was a win-win! I wanna win more with YOU!

If you felt that pull of “I want the same for me and my biz” while reading Audrey’s words, then don’t hesitate to email me now to find out more about a VIP DAY. Your body knows, and, like I said, I know too!

I have successfully been rocking Next Generation Yoga for 21 years and mentoring Kids Yoga Teachers in The Biz of Kids Yoga for 6+. I have dozens of raving reviews from others like Audrey and I am here to help you with your Kids Yoga biz.

Email me now, and we can schedule a casual call to explore a VIP DAY for you.

Here to help,

PS – I know that considering making a big leap like investing in a full day of working on your biz can be huge, overwhelming and scary. It was for Audrey too. But she did it and from her words above, she doesn’t regret it. Email me, and we can have a call to explore whether this is right for you.



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