Private Lessons

Whether you have a limited schedule, are seeking personalized attention, Yoga Therapy or you simply like the idea of an Next Generation Yoga Teacher coming to you … Private Lessons may be just what you’re looking for!

A Private Lesson is like a group Next Generation Yoga class, filled with the same powerful benefits, unique philosophy and joyous fun. What’s different is that you now have the individualized attention of an NGY Teacher!

Private Lessons are effective as a one-time session or as a regular, ongoing Yoga activity.

We Offer Private Lessons for One or More, Including:

  • Children
  • Families
  • Siblings
  • Kids with Special Needs
  • Homeschoolers
  • Playgroups

A Next Generation Yoga Teacher can work with you in your home, school or location of choice.

Private Lessons can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

quotation markWe are so thrilled with our private lessons that we have been doing with our 5 year old son with Autism Spectrum Disorder and his 4 year old neurologically typical sister. The Teacher makes the Yoga fun and creative, using visual supports as well as lots of pretending. They’ve learned new ways to connect with one another without words. Both of my children have grown physically stronger and more confident through this experience.

~ Jill, Mom – New York, NY quote_1

Help Your Child Excel with Yoga!

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