Special Needs

We have found that children with Special Needs benefit the most from a Next Generation Yoga program. Our integrated philosophy addresses the physical, social-emotional and cognitive strengths and challenges of the whole child. NGY’s therapeutic approach supports a child’s natural development and positive sense of self in a gentle, safe and fun environment.

NGY Teachers are often experienced in Yoga therapy with children of varying Special Needs, including those with Learning Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Delays, Attention Deficit Disorders, Sensory Integration, and more.

Private Lessons and/or inclusion-based NGY classes are determined by your child’s strengths, cognitive skills and motor abilities. In either setting, poses may be done with the assistance of an NGY Teacher, Yoga assistant or parent, and ultimately by the child independently. It is our goal to mainstream your child into an inclusion-based class when he is ready.

We recognize that children with Special Needs often have multiple therapies, therefore, no matter what your child’s needs are, we propose one ultimate goal: FUN!

Yoga Benefits for Kids with Special Needs:

  • Increases attention, focus and concentration
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence
  • Develops strong muscles
  • Strengthens hypotonic body parts
  • Loosens tight limbs
  • Fosters language and social skills

quotation markTrying to mainstream my son (who is on the Autistic Spectrum) has been a difficult task. When you accepted him in a Kids Yoga class with typical children, you opened a new world for us. Next Generation Yoga has taught my child how to relax his body and follow group instruction all while having constant peer interaction.

~ Susanne, Mom – New York, NY quote_1

Yoga Therapy

Children with Special Needs will be guided towards physical, emotional and cognitive growth in a one-on-one setting. Therapeutic Private Lessons often include assisted stretches, restorative poses, breathing exercises, mid-line movements, relaxation techniques and developmentally appropriate poses.

Mindfulness combined with breath and body awareness, and sensory integration are the focus of these classes. The NGY Teacher will work closely with you to develop an integrated and appropriate Yoga program. It is our goal to have your child in a main stream group Yoga class when he is ready.

Get Started

An initial consultation with an NGY Teacher is recommended in order to begin a Yoga program that is specialized for your child. We will suggest, prior to starting your Yoga program, that you consult with your pediatrician. Feel free to ask us to speak with your doctor if you prefer.

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