Make Money While You are on Vacation

I hope this finds you well & enjoying your beautiful life! I just got back from spending 5 sweet days with my family in Florida. Aside from the gorgeous weather, it was such a treat to be with my parents and brother. While I handled a little bit of emailing and business, I mostly unplugged and was able to be fully present with my loved ones which felt so good on so many levels!

Here’s our final selfie just before I left for the airport.

I am sure you will agree, there is something luxurious and fabulous about taking a vacation, and it rocks even more when you make money while chillaxing which is what happened for me this past week.

First, I want you to know that I am not here to overwhelm you and this blog post is not about me bragging or making you feel less than, because I know that if I can make money while I sleep, you can too. (Reminder – I am a former school teacher with zero business background. I seek help and learn from business mentors and coaches so I can grow personally and professionally … and, as always, I recommend you do the same!)

Second, I know some of you reading this may be early on in your Kids Yoga biz, but regardless of how many years you have been at it, I imagine that you would like to earn money while you sleep. That you would like to be able to go on vacation, and still watch your bank account grow while on the beach. That you would like to do what you love, work less and make more. Truly, I don’t mean to be assumptive, so just tell me as I would love to know, do you now or in the future want to make money while you sleep? Shoot me an email and tell me your vision!

Personally, I found it very exciting and empowering that at the end of each business day, when I checked the total income from the batch of credit card settlements that came in, that even while I was at the pool and watching movies with my family, I still made some money. So, no, I didn’t go to teach a Next Generation Yoga class, lead an NGY Teacher Training or work with any of The Biz of Kids Yoga Private Mentorship clients, but yes, I do have my biz set up so that I can earn money even while I am on vacation.

This is because I have scaled my Kids Yoga biz and put into place passive revenue streams.

Good news! It’s easier than you think and I am happy to share with you two kick-ass ways for how to grow your Kids Yoga biz and make money while you are on vacation, aka while you sleep.

Hire teachers. There will come a time in your Kids Yoga career when your biz grows bigger than you. Whether you physically are not able to or you simply don’t want to teach every class that comes your way – it will serve you to grow your business, brand and bank account if you hire teachers to work with your company. This means having well-trained, professional and loyal teachers who will show up, represent and teach classes for you. This also means having a detailed agreement in place with you and the teacher and paying them a healthy class pay rate. And since you are the head Yogi of your company, the one who was approached by the school, studio or family, it is up to you to handle the administration and billing. Simply be sure to charge enough for your time, services and good-will so that you can pay your teacher well and you make money too. Just please don’t feel bad about making this extra money as you are the one who put in the hard work to build the business, become well known and score these additional contracts. Making additional income from your subcontracted teachers is a sure way to scale your biz!

Sell merchandise online. Trust that your knowledge is not limited to just the Kids Yoga classroom and that you have a wealth of information to share with others around the world. Perhaps it is your creative way to teach Yoga stories, write lesson plans, make Yoga eye-pillows or a written “how-to” Kids Yoga eBook. Developing digital products or reselling Yoga merchandise (ie. Yoga mats, tshirts, books, cd’s, props) online is a wonderful way to grow your business and make money while you are sleeping. Just note that developing them can be time consuming and sometime expensive, still I promise you, once they are up and available for sale, they can and will be highly profitable. It’s what we have been doing with the Next Generation Yoga Shop and NGY Lesson Plans.

So, if you are ready to take that vacation or wake up with payment notifications in your email in box, I highly recommend that you consider these two ways to scale your biz and implement passive revenue streams. The ones in this blog are just two that I adopted early on in my biz and still help me to reap the benefits of doing what I love while working smarter, not harder.

In support of you,

PS – I know this topic can be scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I am here to support you. Truly, I love this stuff! If you have questions and are really ready to scale your biz, then lets talk. You can apply here for a free Strategy Session where I’ll be happy to guide you on next steps to growing your biz.


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