Marketing Tip: Take Off Your Mask

I trust this finds you well and enjoying your beautiful life! I am happily writing you from my home-base town, San Francisco, after spending 2 ½ weeks in Southern California. I am so grateful I chose to drive the Pacific Coast Highway back north as I really got to recharge my busy battery by slowing down with beach-time and 24-hours at the magical Esalen Institute, in Big Sur. If you have never been, or ever heard of it, I invite you to check it out – it’s so worth it!

Here’s me enjoying some r&r in the bee hive swing at Esalen.

As you know, next week is Halloween. It is a time where many get dressed up in costumes, put on masks and pretend to be someone or something they are not.

Halloween is also, always, the holiday that reminds me of one of my favorite marketing strategies, and that is to take off the mask you wear. Like it or not, believe it or not, we all wear a mask on a regular basis. We pretend to have our sh*t together, we act fearless, overly-nice, or even more spiritual than we really are.

I recently read a quote about this very truth, by Bonnie Pfiester, that I love. She says, “Most people wear a mask all year. Their masks are designed to hide fear, sadness, failure & flaws. No mask of money, muscles or makeup, can ever truly cover our sin. Why hide? We all fall short. If everyone took off their masks, they’d realize we all look a lot more alike than we think. We are all human.”

When we put on a mask to cover something about ourselves that we don’t want others to see, really what we are doing is hiding, separating or disconnecting from our human family. Pushing others away is not a good way to do business or even market yourself.

If you want to attract people to your Kids Yoga business (which is what marketing is all about,) then wearing a mask and covering up certain sides of you will help to magnetize customers. Instead, try these three strategies for taking of your mask and marketing yourself, authentically.

  1. When someone asks you how you are, tell the truth. So often, when someone says, “How are you?” we quickly answer with “good.” Try pausing for a moment, taking a breath, and instead of being on auto-pilot, answer truthfully. You may be surprised with how good it feels to really share honestly that “I am feeling a little sad today” or “I am feeling a bit anxious right now.” Mostly because it feels good to be truthful and your reply will likely invoke some sort of emotional response and connection to another. When we are honest with our feelings, others relate to us, because they too have those same emotions. This is awesome for attracting people into our lives.
  1. Post something vulnerable on social media. Most people think that being vulnerable is showing weakness. It is actually quite the opposite as your vulnerability is your strength, and can be your greatest asset. Consider that when you post about a challenging situation you recently over-came, another friend or community member may also relate to your experience. They feel a connection to you because they too have undergone something similar. They want to know you more. They want to connect with you more. They may even like you more and want to bring their child to your class, more.
  1. Send personal emails to your list. If sharing yourself authentically is the answer to attracting people to your business, then why not send personal messages to your email list. Your community would love to hear from you and know what is going on in your life. Keep in mind, I am not suggesting that you air your dirty laundry and leave a smelly pile for them to sit in, rather share the good news too! Don’t worry about trying to write perfectly, remember this is about being real and taking off the “perfectionist” mask … simply write a heart-felt, personal message to your biz peeps on a regular and consistent basis. They will enjoy getting to know you outside of Yoga classes!

I hope this concept of taking off the mask that you might wear inspires you to market yourself, authentically. I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest, but it is the most powerful for attracting people to you and your Kids Yoga biz. I have learned this lesson, personally, and I know it to be a wonderful way to market my business.

So may this Halloween be the last time you wear your mask!

In support of you,

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  1. karen 4 years ago

    Thanks Jodi – a great reminder and poignant for me at this time X Much love and gratitude XXXX

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