Meet Sarah: Developer & Trainer for NGY’s NEW Teacher Training for Disabilities and Differences ????

Meet Sarah Henderson and her sister Hannah.

Sarah is the developer and trainer for the NEW Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults with Disabilities and Differences.

Sarah’s experience with people with disabilities began when she was just 4 years old, when her sister Hannah was born with Down syndrome. Throughout her life and career, Sarah has worked with adults and children with disabilities and their families, with Hannah as her inspiration. For over a decade, she has specialized her training as a yoga teacher in kids and adaptive/accessible/inclusive yoga

Please join Sarah and Next Generation Yoga at Bexley Yoga & Barre as we host this unique training February 21-23 designed to equip you with skills needed to share yoga and mindfulness practices with kids, teens, and young adults with disabilities. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Questions? Reach out to Sarah at sarah@nextgenerationyoga.com.

Teacher Training for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults
with Disabilities and Differences

Dates: February 21-23, 2020
Location: Columbus, OH
Host: Bexley Yoga
Trainer: Sarah Henderson
Schedule: Fri-Sat 9:00-5:30, Sun 9:00-5:00

Sarah Henderson
Next Generation Yoga Storyteller, Teacher, and Trainer
Charlotte, NC

Sarah Henderson personifies the Next Generation Yoga philosophy with her big heart, youthful spirit and fun, creative nature. She authors new NGY Lesson Plans and keeps us all up to date on the latest and greatest in the world of Kids Yoga as our social media guru. Her title of NGY Storyteller is truly well-earned! She also brings her passion for training others as Kids Yoga teachers as part of the NGY Trainer team. Known for her imaginative teaching that bring stories and healthy living principles to life through yoga and mindfulness practices, Sarah is passionate about teaching kids of all ages and abilities to connect with themselves and others through movement and meditation. Learn more about Sarah here!


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