Wednesday Walk ~ Mother Nature Loves You

Happy Wednesday Friends!

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’, I share with you the importance of connecting with nature, on a daily basis. Since my move away from the beach and into a city, I realize and recognize that nature is actually everywhere and is accessible at all times ~ it is the air we breathe, the sun in the sky, the dirt in the earth, flowers blooming and birds singing. The way that I feel when I connect to nature is drastically different to how I feel when I don’t. Not only does nature ground me, but it really feels like the best kind of medicine that I truly can not live without. The importance of nature in our lives can not be understated! Check out my Wednesday Walk to hear more about why connecting to nature matters.

I would love to hear from you. How do you feel when you connect with nature? Do you feel different when you haven’t connected to nature in some time? What are some of your favorite places to connect with Mother Earth? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you.

all love,


  1. Sarah H 8 years ago

    I hear you! This resonates. Being in NYC I, more and more, have to actively cultivate time away in nature or moments of it within the city. Without that, things definitely feel off-balance! I’m in awe of the sense of holding nature provides…how nature can contain/hold/absorb/sooth without judgment. Many lessons.

    • jodibk 8 years ago

      so many sweet lessons nature has for us, thanks sarah! i was actually thinking of you when i made this video.
      love you sister,

  2. Terry Makover 8 years ago

    Nature, the seasons changing, are powerful miracles for every living thing.
    If we see some beauty in it each day in some way, it is That good, that it simply becomes a reason to be alive, to celebrate, to give kindness. A Poem written yesterday by a 5 year old child I help that has social adaptation difficulties, recognized it as such: “Green Grass
    Flowers Grow
    They need water.”

    I’m looking forward to a beautiful day off and outside, in Great Neck, NY. with Love, Terry Makover OTR/L

    • jodibk 8 years ago

      love the poem terry! thanks for sharing!

  3. Terry Makover 8 years ago

    Sarah, I love your reference to Nature as “absorb/sooth without judgement”.
    Something that Jodi’s four legged friend can also do!

  4. Angelina 8 years ago

    Yes, nature is a great healer of body/mind/soul. For the past 6 months I have been housebound due to a diagnosis of lung cancer. I live in the mountains and up until this happened enjoyed a very outdoor lifestyle. Now, I can only sit and look out my window at the changing scenes that have morphed from fall’s brilliant colors to bitter cold and snow to lot’s of sunshine and flowers pushing up everywhere. One day I just couldn’t take it anymore…I had to get out of the house. I was able to drive myself down to the lake and just sat in the truck gazing out over the lake with the snow-capped mountains surrounding, the sky was a myriad of quickly changing colors as the high winds blew the clouds around and the sun was setting. It was like watching a natural light show. Just watching this beautiful cloud and light show lifted my spirits without words or doing anything. Connecting to the earth element improves our immune system, heightens our awareness, and humbles us as we are reminded that we are but specks upon the earth compared to nature’s majesty.

    • jodibk 8 years ago

      i LOVE this angelina ~ thank you SO much for sharing! you are a beautiful rainbow shining your true colors.
      namaste, dear friend.

  5. Terry Makover 8 years ago

    Oh…you write so beautifully…I can imagine it. Thank you

  6. Chandi 8 years ago

    Thanks Jodi. This past spring I have been offering children’s excursions based on “Spirit in Nature”themes. This has been inspired by the Sharing with Nature Foundation and teaching the foundations of working with children . I have felt drawn to the inner expansion of nature as well and how it expands our reality to embrace experiences outside of our little egoic selfs. As for a favorite place: anywhere I can watch birds. This past week I took a group of 7-9 year olds into a bird reserve in Everett, Washington. The minute we got out of the car, there was this huge eagle, right above our heads. He watched us and followed us all afternoon with his aerobic swoops and climbs. It was thrilling. We also were able to watch young geese fly high, then swoop down, and dive bomb into large water holding talk. It made my spirit soar and laugh to watch these young birds having so much fun, without a care in the world. How to be like them? We also having some issues later in the day with the rain, and the children were going very slow, (not the most uplifting joyful voices at this point.) Just out of the blue, came a mother and father deer. The small baby came up from the rear. The children were so thrilled and in awe to be so close. It was a thrilling day, and Divine Mother always touches my heart, with another world beyond mine to explore. What better way, can I have than to offer this to our yoga students at our schoo as well. Joy to you Jodi.

    • jodibk 8 years ago

      oh wow ~ what a blessing this all is! i love how you embed nature in to your teaching curriculum so seamlessly … it’s no wonder the animals are drawn to you & the kids!! ah mazing, truly!!!

  7. scilla 7 years ago

    Green Therapy: the Healing Secrets of Nature is an amazing ebook that this community would love! Check it out on Amazon. This is the american link https://www.amazon.com/Green-Therapy-Healing-Secrets-Scillas-ebook/dp/B00J8CYVL0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398785472&sr=8-1&keywords=the+green+therapy+the+healing+secrets

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