My Family Yoga Tree by NGY Teacher, Allyson Huval

At age six my Yoga journey began with my first teacher, my Granny. She gave me my first Yoga mat and taught me basic poses like Tree pose (a now favorite). And, while most of our lessons would involve me laughing and falling to the floor, they always ended with me showing off what I learned when my mom picked me up. Yoga at that point was all about showing off my skills for approval, but since those first giggle-fueled lessons in my Granny’s living room, Yoga has come to mean so much more to me. My granny did more than just give me a hobby – she sparked a life-long passion.

As a young adult I became a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), but I knew I couldn’t stop there. My Granny played such a key part with my Yoga path that I felt the need to pay it forward, and Next Generation Yoga fell into my life at the exact time I needed. A year before I joined the NGY Teacher Community two life-changing things happened: I was promoted to Auntie(!), and I became the studio ambassador for an NGY Teacher Training in my hometown. Teaching children has always been something I love, even though relating to them can be difficult and downright intimidating, still I was eager to share the gift of Yoga with my nephew. To do that I needed lessons on how to connect with him through different stages of his childhood. NGY opened the door to my inner child and that was just what I needed to spark my creativity.

After day one of my first NGY Teacher Training, I stopped by to play with my little nugget. He was just one years old, and he surprised me by practicing downward facing dog! I loved listening to his sweet baby giggles while I was “assisting” his pose on the living room floor, just as my Granny had years before. From that moment on I knew I was meant to share Yoga with my family. Since then our family has been blessed with more little Yogis and I cannot wait until they are all old enough that we can celebrate a full Next Generation Yoga class together!

From an early age, Tree pose has reminded me of the importance of staying grounded and stable in my purpose when the hurricane winds whip around me. This pose continues to teach me to keep balance in my roots while expanding and growing my family through my branches. Just like Tree pose, I have created a Yogic family tree that goes far beyond my immediate family.

Allyson Huval
Next Generation Yoga Teacher

Baton Rouge, LA

Allyson is a certified Aerial Yoga Teacher, a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RCYT), and a licensed Next Generation Yoga Kids Yoga Teacher. She is also the foundress of Bethel Yogi (bethelyogi.com), a blog dedicated to teaching Catholics how to bring their faith into a personal, spiritual Yoga practice. She maintains an active lifestyle by teaching Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and aerial silks weekly to children and adults alike. Allyson is a student at Louisiana State University majoring in public relations and religious studies. Yoga has allowed her to be open to continuous growth intellectually, physically, and emotionally. She has discovered playfulness of mind and acceptance of her body’s capabilities. Her favorite aspect of teaching is being able to extend the benefits of Yoga to empower students of all ages to help them recognize their full potential.

  1. Lynn Cole 2 years ago

    Some things happen for such a clear reason! I am a Gigi (Granny) and attended the NGY 2-7 year old training in October to be able to share the practice with my grandchildren, ages 2 and 5. They stay with me one day a week and tree pose is a favorite too! I found such comfort reading this because my grandson has invited me to be his “show and tell” at his preschool.-this morning! I have chosen the ABC lesson plan from NGY. I have so enjoyed preparing for this day and look forward to sharing the yoga practice with my my grandchildren and beyond!

  2. Janelle Caire 2 years ago

    This is a remarkable way to spread your love of yoga. I enjoyed reading the article.

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