Wednesday Walk ~ Be Free!

Today is July 4th & in the good ole US of A we celebrate our countries independence. While people are gathering, eating & partying, I, personally, am inspired to look at my own freedom and for me it is the way I express myself through my communication. I pride myself on self-expression through honesty and integrity. I notice when I withhold and am not in integrity … it shows up in my body.

Enjoy this video on how I am free with my communication.

Please leave a comment on how you feel about yourself & your self-expression.




  1. MARIA 9 years ago

    Your video can not be seen here in the USA, it says it has been blocked…(?)

  2. Jill Rapperport 9 years ago

    Dear Jodi,

    I LOVE my personal freedom. Where I am not free I am contracted in my body, heart and mind. I feel it in my jaw, chest and hips. Interesting. I breathe shallowly also. I WISH I could hear you speaking, but the video says it is blocked because UMG copyright grounds this country?

    Is this your joke on us? We are really lucky we don’t get this kind of censorship…generally speaking.

    Sending blessings of Freedom and Joyous Self Expression,

    Vidya Devi

  3. mary 9 years ago

    Hi, I loved the song “Breath in….Breath out”. I teach story time yoga to children ages 2-8 and would love to share this song with them. Is there any way that you can let me know the name and artist so that I can purchase it for my ipod.
    Thanks. As always, you are an inspiration to me. Mary

    • jodibk 9 years ago

      hi mary~

      thank you for watching my wednesday walk 🙂

      this beautiful song is called BREATH & is by the Makepeace Brothers ~ such a great song to infuse into a yoga class, id love to hear how your kids enjoy it.


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