Wednesday Walk ~ Celebrate Thanksgiving Everyday!!

In the United States, we have a holiday in called Thanksgiving where we give thanks all day long. But why limit our gratitude to just one day a year? What if everyday were Thanksgiving!?

I have special times throughout my day where I stop and give thanks for things like my food, my bed, my breath, my dog. I make it a ritual!

What are you grateful for today and everyday?

Id love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.



  1. David and Mayra 9 years ago

    We are grateful for you, Jodi – and for Chants. Tell that big, beautiful boy we miss EVERYTHING about him. Even his drool. 😉 xxoo

    • jodibk 9 years ago

      oh how i love thee … mayra & david, hugs to you from me & chants!!! see you in nyc this august!!

  2. Marta 9 years ago

    What a great request! I like to stop often throughout the day to think about the gifts that surround me. Sometimes when I see a mountain of Strawberries or tomatoes at the grocery, I think about how lucky we are to have food that is fresh, organic, and plentiful. I am grateful to the laborers who pick this fruit for us and know they are often NOT recognized for their HARD work. I try to be mindful of this and try not to waste. I am thankful for the shelter I have at night…blankets, walls, heaters…not everyone is so lucky. I am thankful for my three girls. Having had difficulty conceiving them, I know I am soooo lucky they are here. And it is through them and the yoga that they discovered on TV, that we learned of Jodi. There are people we meet in life who are “connected” and accessible. We have felt this from Jodi even though we’ve never met and probably never will, yet we are thankful for the sharing of yourself. I am thankful for the Namaste concept. It is such a great way to see the world and people in it. Thanks for asking. I’ll continue to appreciate each moment I’m here including the challenges.

    • jodibk 9 years ago

      marta ~ you are such a beautiful spirit, I am thrilled we can stay connected online. thank you for your share and all that you are grateful for!!! namaste <3

  3. carrie 9 years ago

    thankful i get to see you now every wednesday 🙂 couldn’t open video this week though????

    • jodibk 9 years ago

      yes sweet carrie, you will get a visit from me & chants every wednesday!!! wondering why you were not able to view the video today? love to you & your beautiful family!!! xo

  4. Ale 9 years ago

    I am grateful first and foremost for having a healthy, loving family. I am grateful for my angel, Hayden, and my soulmate Ron. I am grateful to be able to share, if only a little bit, the gift of yoga with people around me, kids and adults. I am grateful that i do not take for granted that we live in a free country and have access to the creature comforts we are used to.
    I am grateful for people, heroes, who dedicate their lives to saving others…if i had to do it all over again i would want to be a healer.
    I am grateful for you jodi – you are a light that beckons hundreds of children on the path of truth.

    • jodibk 9 years ago

      what an amazing gratitude list ~ thank YOU for sharing it with me & the world. ps ~ you are a healer 🙂

  5. dudillieu 9 years ago

    hi jodi ! I know you for a few years now since I started to make yoga in my classroom !
    now I do it as a teacher for schools ! I’ m so glad to see your face on theses videos now !
    thanks you jodi to make me dream about your way ok life about your thinking … I feel gratitude for you too to create theses videos on wednesdays; today I surprised myself to wait to hear from you .. as you see on my english , I’m french and I love to come and visit yoga classes at next generation yoga … may be one day soon . in yoga nidra it could be a shankalpa…

    • jodibk 9 years ago

      wonderful to connect with you chrystelle ~ thank YOU <3

  6. ANITA!!! 9 years ago

    I am grateful for YOU!!!! Love You and so happy to have had you enter my life. I am forever Grateful for the opportunities I have in my life!!!

    Love You,

  7. Barbara 9 years ago

    I am grateful for many things, happily too many to list, but one of which is certainly this: I am so very grateful that Mina had the opportunity for you to be her teacher, so grateful that we came to know you as a result. We miss you and Chants!
    Love from Barbara, Warren, Mina, Laura, and Charley

    • jodibk 9 years ago

      beautiful barbara ~ you & your sweet family are always in my heart. thank YOU. xo jodi

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