Wednesday Walk ~ Deepening Relationships

Today, on my Wednesday Walk with Chants, I talk about deepening relationships. Something that I’ve realized on this journey with my dad following his recent heart surgery is that no matter how close our relationships are, there is always room to go even deeper. Please enjoy  this week’s video blog as I share with you about how my relationship with my dad has deepened and grown these past few weeks.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you had a relationship shift to a deeper level over time? Please leave a comment below.

all love,


  1. Betsy 9 years ago

    yes jodi…
    my mom and i share that closeness, and i have felt it deepening as we both get older, especially in recent years as family members pass away. we’ve been talking more about how we love each other and how we will ‘always’ be together. it saddens my heart to think about the long term love of those statements, but feel SO blessed to have my mommy as my rock and best friend <3

  2. jodibk 9 years ago

    betsy ~ you are SO blessed to be so close with your mom! i know the love 🙂
    xx jodi

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