Wednesday Walk ~ Do You Want to Be Right, or Do You Want Peace?

Today on my Wednesday Walk with Chants, I reflect back on the past week, where I had some conflicts in both my personal & professional life. As I was sharing with a dear friend Davidji about these situations, he reminded me to pause and make a choice – am I wanting to be right, or am I wanting peace? This was such a powerful reminder for me, and even though there is a part of me that wants to be heard or seen, or “right”, ultimately I choose peace. Please enjoy my video blog as I share my experience.

Have you had conflicts with others where you had to make a choice between being right and having peace? Even if you chose peace, was there still a part of you that wanted to be right? Please share your experience by leaving a comment below, so that we may all learn from you.



PS ~ Enjoy other brilliant reminders, quotes & teachings by Davidji by visiting his site & ordering his new book: Secrets of Meditation.

  1. Lisa Flynn 8 years ago

    Soooo timely, Jodi. Thank you for the reminder. I tend to avoid confrontation and conflict anyway, but during a recent situation, I found myself wanting to defend myself from inaccurate perception. I frantically wrote an email and then stopped and basically asked myself just that – is it worth it to make a point or can I just let it go? Taking a deep breath and pause gave me the space I needed to note that my reaction was fear-based, I was able to step back from the situation and see it for what it was – fear of being misjudged, fear that someone might not ‘like me.’ I deleted my original email and rewrote it from a more heart-centered, grounded space – it was authentic and not fraught with emotion. The conversation was then opened neutrally and emotional confrontation was avoided.

    I do find that there can be a fine line between speaking one’s truth and standing up for yourself and being stepped on or abused. Sometimes, a point should be made. But the key is to keep it coming from a neutral state of mind.

    Thanks again! What a wonderful video blog you have going!!

  2. jodibk 8 years ago

    LOVE your insight lisa ~ thank you for sharing! yes, we must always express our truth while remaining detached, in our power & heart centered. i find this question to be an easy fast reminder of how to get there. thanks for following!! love, jodi

  3. Christi Iacono 8 years ago

    Jodi, thank you for sharing, I have had similar situations and I too want peace, thank you! Another concept or idea that has helped me get through conflicts and remain at peace is to remember that we are all connected and share similar fears and wants and desires, ex. love, connection, the need to feel accepted. It helps me feel more empathy and it even helps me to be able to step into another set of shoes for a moment to reflect. Also, I once read to journal why someone else’s actions have harmed you and why. Often the same things we see in someone else and don’t like or find conflict with, are things we don’t like about ourselves. I did this when I was feeling conflict with a very good friend whom I adore. I didn’t like that I was at odds with her. I took the time to journal and understand what the situation was all about, I realized that I have acted similarly and it lessened my emotion, frustration and hurt, and helped me love her for who she is. Now I can silently thank her for making me a better person! I love your Wed. walks, thank you Jodi!

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