Wednesday Walk ~ In a New York Minute

This week I have been visiting New York City … my old hometown. I am here leading the Next Generation Yoga Teacher Trainings & while I LOVE this big city, I have noticed that being in my old environment has me picking up old patterns & behaviors. For example, eating old foods that I used to enjoy.

I’ve also noticed that the environment is so powerful, and as Paramahansa Yogananda says, it is “more powerful than will power” that I have picked up a faster pace of living. I am filling every second of my days with teaching, yoga practice, connecting with friends & basically go go going. Quite different from the environment that I choose to live in California.

Enjoy this weeks video & please do share a comment about how your environment plays a role for you.




  1. Monica 8 years ago

    Loved this, Jodi! This happens on vacation, too, when I eat like I’ve just been let out of prison. I do find in an environment like NYC, you have to be at a different pace in order to acclimate to your surroundings, like a kind of survival instinct. But as you said, the awareness is a nice opportunity to pause and make a different choice. The biologist Edward Wilson said: “The real problem of humanity is we have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technology.” This quote reminds me of your “environment is stronger than willpower.” Even your video had the NY vibe with waving pedestrians by and sneaking in a plug for another yoga studio 😉

  2. Shella Eckhouse 8 years ago

    Do I get to see you? I miss you girl!!!

  3. Chandi Holliman 8 years ago

    Checking in here. Wow. Its fun to watch you connect with your old friends. Have a great time teaching.

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