Wednesday Walk ~ Play Today!

As an entrepreneur, my life can be really full and sometimes serious. But spending time with kids on a daily basis helps me to keep it fresh, playful, joyful & fun! For children, their work is their play ~ which leaves them feeling free, happy and creativity.

Why not still play every day, even as an adult?! Ride a bike, have a dance party, laugh with friends … try it & let me know how you feel!



  1. Irene auma 9 years ago

    Totally true Jodi you are a rock star.

  2. Casey Feicht 9 years ago

    Love this! Play today! 😉
    Had to share on my kids yoga guide facebook fan page..

    Today I am off to a huge trampoline place with my daughter.. so excited to play…

    Thank you for always sharing your light!

    Namaste & Play

  3. Renee Oberhart 9 years ago

    I completely agree that play is important for adults! Every day, I spend time doing fun things like hugging my cat, playing piano, doing yoga, and playing video games with friends. Sometimes college and working can be stressful, but I prefer to keep myself sane by playing instead of constantly overworking myself.

  4. Michelle 9 years ago

    Hooray for play!

  5. Rachel Starnes 9 years ago

    Love it Jodi! I played with my dogs today for over an hour- it was quite fun, lots of giggling 🙂 Namaste!


  6. Allison Morgan 9 years ago

    You are SOOOOOO right!!! We have to find more ways to play, and most importantly, BE HAPPY in our lives. Kids know this so brilliantly. As adults, we forget. Thanks for the reminder. We should NEVER take ourselves so seriously that we can’t allow ourselves to laugh, dance, be silly, finger paint, jump in some puddles, or roll down a grassy hill. i am so thankful that I get to “play” with kids every single day as well. They are great teachers.

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