Wednesday Walk ~ New Perspective

Happy Wednesday Friends!

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’, I am so grateful to be back in San Francisco. My trip to Africa was amazing, and it also served as a “reset” button for my perspective on life. I literally feel as if everything I experienced in Kenya opened me up to a whole new way of showing up in life ~ from my relationships and how I interact with others, to a renewed sense of gratitude for things I may have taken for granted before. Check out my ‘Wednesday Walk’ to learn about how my eyes have been opened and my buttons reset as a result of my African adventure; and how you too can shift your own perspective, without even traveling around the world!

I would love to hear from you! How has your perspective been changed after experiencing something that deeply touched your heart and soul? What kinds of experiences have reset your button? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you.

All love,


  1. Lisa Hammond 8 years ago

    Right now I’m in the middle of an experience where my button is being reset. My almost 15 year old son is away for 2 weeks (at a Navy Sea Cadet Boot Camp – completely his idea – I’m so proud!). He’s never been away for more than a night or two. So … right now my husband and I are in the house just the two of us (and our 2 dogs), for the first time in our entire marriage (almost 19 years!). When I married him his 4 children (ages 10, 11, 11, 14) were living with us from the start. So, having just the 2 of us is definitely nudging that reset button for me, and I find that process to be emotionally very up and down, but rolling with those emotions, while not always comfortable, is not a bad feeling. Yoga, as well as returning to my religion as a Catholic, has really helped me to be able to feel this experience in a different way. And I can honestly say that for the most part I am able to experience having that reset button pushed in a more positive way – it allows me to remember not to take anything or anyone for granted 🙂 Thank you, Jodi, for posting this video – it was very thought provoking this morning. I am really looking forward to the La Jolla Kids’ Yoga Workshop in August! Namaste.

  2. Casey Feicht 8 years ago

    Love it jodi.. can’t wait to connect again.. I went to Tibet in 2004 for 4 weeks.. and never saw life the same again.. it’s amazing what visiting another “World” can do for us!
    Namaste and Play!

  3. Carrie 8 years ago

    A great way for me to reset is to take a hike/get out in nature! If I let the experience seep in and look at whatever is troubling/challenging me with the hiking perspective (fresh, energized, clear, joyous) I find new insights.

  4. Vicki 8 years ago

    Your reset is beautiful! Especially vivid after living in a Third World Country! Blessings! ( it took me a long time to ‘re-enter’ after crossing the Sahara!)

  5. Betsy 8 years ago

    Amen….so wonderful to see you back, and so happy. Thanks for the reminders about gratefulness for the every day things. Love….

  6. Maha Noor 8 years ago

    Beautiful Jodi, going out to nature, where there are few (or no) people and only simple (if any) way of life is always a reset button for me. Also meditation or prayer at a quiet time and place… Love & Peace.

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