Last week I took one of my closest friends for a Lumpectomy. I drove 45 minutes in Bay Area rush hour morning traffic to pick her up, sat in the Kaiser waiting room from 9am til 3pm, took her back home, cooked her food and then got in my car for a 6pm biz call. Serving my sister like this made me think about how we take care of each other and, also, about over-delivering.

So how does this relate to The Biz of Kids Yoga? Think about how you serve your students, schools, employees, colleagues, and community members. Do you stop after you teach them a 45-minute Yoga class that they paid for? Do you walk in & out of the school upon start and end time of class? How about after a Yogi attends a workshop, training or online course of yours – do you follow up with them?  

Simply said, do you over-deliver or just give the bare minimum?

Here’s another example to help drive home the point. I am working with a Private Mentorship client who is launching her first ever online course on helping Kids Yoga Teachers land their dream job of teaching Yoga in the schools. She is rocking it, but recently needed a lil additional help outside of our scheduled coaching call time. So this past Saturday morning, I graciously hopped on a 30 minute call with her to support her. In addition, I’ve been texting to see how she is progressing.

While I am not charging her extra for my time, it’s basically my version of over-delivering. Keeping her happy, us connected, and me inspired. Simply, because I love doing the work I do mentoring Kids Yoga Teachers.

So, now I ask you … How can you over-deliver and support your clients beyond what they expect from you?

It’s not as hard as it seems and it is as important as I write. Think newsletters with rich blog content, email follow ups about the class you just taught, a special birthday acknowledgement, and phone calls just to say hello & check in.

I know you are a heart-centered entrepreneur – it’s why you and I are connected.

So, dear one, stay the course and over-deliver to your people. They’ll feel your love, stay involved in your life and your biz, and you’ll too reap the benefits.

To over-delivering!

PS – In case you were wondering, my friend got her Lumpectomy results back yesterday, and all is clear! Thank goodness, right!?

PPS – In the spirit of over-delivery, (she doesn’t know I am doing this!) click here to check out my client’s online course about landing your dream job teaching yoga in the schools.



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