Pay it Forward, by NGY Owner/CEO Amy Lee

Pay it Forward,
by NGY Owner/CEO Amy Lee

Pay it forward.

My 5-year-old son becomes 100% laser-focused when my friend visits with her 3 sons, ages 15, 13 and 11. To him, those boys are rock stars, superheroes, bigger than life. My little man struggles to stay focused, so I take notice when something or someone captures his attention. He hangs on their every word. He remembers verbatim what they did and what they said. He knows what sports they play, what grade they are in and everything else in between.

As parents, we’ve all experienced that time when we tell our kids something and they blow it off, but then someone else who is NOT their parent tells them, and it’s gospel. In my efforts to find ways to help my own son be his best self, I asked our local school if they would consider a mentoring program where middle school age kids would take on a Mindfulness Leadership role and work with kindergarten and younger elementary kids to reinforce some of the important messages that adults are giving children at home and at school.

I was thrilled to find out that our local middle school has a group of 8th graders who have come together to form a leadership group to advocate and help others who struggle with anxiety and focus. Each of them has a personal experience with those challenges and wants to provide support to others. I met with this group and asked if they would like to learn breathing and mindfulness techniques that they can use to help themselves in intense moments and then share the techniques with younger kids, their peers, and even their teachers. They were all for it.

I find this group of young teens to be incredibly courageous. Many times, this age group feels devalued by elders because of their age. With this opportunity, they will find empowerment in a leadership and mentoring role where they can help someone else in need, and who they can empathize with. And my son could be on the receiving end of this.

To me, this is the definition of a win-win

Want to learn more about sharing yoga + mindfulness to tweens and teens? Join me at Bexley Yoga (NGY’s Home Studio) for the NGY Teacher Training for Tweens & Teens, and stay tuned for the new NGY Lesson Plan for this age group, Believe in Something Bigger, coming March 15th.

Teacher Training for Teens and Tweens
Date: June 23-25, 2020
Host: Bexley Yoga (Columbus, OH)

This training is part of our Kids Yoga Teacher Training Immersion, coming this June to Bexley Yoga! Click here or email us for more information for more information

Amy Lee
Next Generation Yoga Owner/CEO
Bexley, OH

Amy earned her 200-hour adult yoga certification from Yoga with Laurel in Columbus Ohio. She completed Aroma Yoga teacher training with Tracy Griffiths at The Life Energy Institute and a comprehensive Business Consulting program with Mindbody Online. She is currently pursuing her 95-hour Kids Yoga certification with Next Generation Yoga, as well as, her 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training certification with Inhale Thrive. She is also the Owner/CEO of Next Generation Yoga and Bexley Yoga & Barre in Columbus, OH.


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