Private Mentorship with Jodi Komitor

Dear Kids Yoga Teacher,

Do you need support with your biz?

Are you ready to start-up, for real?

Perhaps you want to grow but are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, afraid and unsure how to move forward.

Maybe you have a specific project or product you’d like to bring to life but don’t know where to begin?

Or, are you just tired of struggling financially and deeply desire a substantial income while doing what you love?

The first step is connecting with someone who’s been there, experienced the challenges and knows the way to creating a truly successful career.

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You see, most Kids Yoga Teachers never learned how to run a business, market themselves or any other important business strategy.

Oftentimes, they take more Yoga trainings to improve their teaching skills thinking that will help to fill their classes and grow their offerings, however there are specific skills that you need to in order to be a successful Yoga entrepreneur.

My name is Jodi Komitor and I am the founder of Next Generation Yoga, a successful 19-year old international Kids Yoga company, and have been in your shoes. I was once a struggling Kids Yoga Teacher, unsure of how to run a business, clueless on how to market myself, struggling financially, and worked so hard, only to feel overwhelmed, a ton of fear, low self-esteem and nearly burnt out.

And one day things changed for me!

It was when I realized that it was ok to ask for help. I knew alone, I couldn’t do it and I needed support and so I scraped up the money to hire a mentor (aka business coach) who specialized in working with Yoga Teachers. From that day on my business transformed, completely. From the work I did with my mentor, I learned solid marketing skills, got a website, implemented simple but savvy business practices and as a result my classes grew and I became known as the go-to person for Kids Yoga.

In 1998, I opened the 1st Kids Yoga studio in the entire world and since then, I have taught thousands of children, led international Teacher Trainings, written a best selling book, starred in Yoga DVD’s, created physical and online products, licensure opportunities and everything in between. Today, I am passionate about supporting, mentoring and helping Kids Yoga Teachers to have their dream biz and lifestyle that they truly want.

I invite you to join me in having the business and life success you deserve and desire.

If you say yes … let’s do this together!

Get support from someone who knows you, your industry and cut your learning curve substantially when you invest in yourself and work with me as your mentor.

Private Mentorship with me is designed and tailored completely to meet your personal and business needs. Whether you are fresh out of Teacher Training and want to start-up your Kids Yoga career or you have been in biz for a dozen years and ready to up-level – we will create a roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

In order to attain your goals and really make an impact in your career, we will work closely together.

Private Mentorship with Me Includes:

  • 3-Months of Mentorship – During this time, we will rock your business and help you to learn, grow and achieve your goals.
  • 1 1-Hour Deep Dive Session – In this first session we will explore and mastermind the current state of your business and get a solid plan for where you want to be in the next 3-6-12 months.
  • 9 45-Minute Sessions – These sessions are designed for you to receive mentorship and coaching on the skills, tools, and perspectives you want and need to take your business to the next level.
  • Direct Text, Voicemail and Email Access – In between sessions, questions may come up, feel free to contact me for support!
  • Marketing Materials and Copywriting Critiques – Before you press publish, send me anything you want for review! I’ll give my feedback and help you polish your marketing. All I ask is a 48-hours heads-up so I can give it a real look!
  • Private Facebook Group – Join me and a committed group of Yoga entrepreneurs in a private FB group dedicated to The Biz of Kids Yoga where you can get even more support and community connection.

Ready for massive momentum in your biz? Let’s do this! But first, take a moment to fill out an application for a Strategy Session to be sure we are a good fit!

Let’s Chat! Apply Now for a FREE Strategy Session!

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Ofrit Gal

quotation markWorking privately with Jodi has not only helped me grow my Kids Yoga business to the next level and reach goals that at first felt scary and unattainable, but has also given me more self-confidence as a business owner, entrepreneur and leader in my industry. The investment in working privately with Jodi is worth every cent!!! Her gentle guidance, yet very result-oriented approach has made this journey so fun and fulfilling for me! Thank you, Jodi!

~ Ofrit Gal, Yoga@Playquote_1

Emily Fleming

quotation markWhen I reached out to Jodi for private coaching, I had a concept in mind, but no idea how to execute it. I knew that if I wanted to turn my dream into reality, Jodi was the person to help me do so! With her extensive knowledge of curriculum creation, marketing, and the Kids Yoga world, Jodi listened to my fears, thoughts, and questions and took me through the step-by-step process of creating my first ever online course! Through our monthly sessions and homework assignments, Jodi gave me the permission, support, and tools I hadn’t given myself to turn my business concept into a full-blown creation. Jodi is a master coach, cheerleader, and communicator, and everyone seeking to launch a Yoga business will thrive in her presence. Working with Jodi is an opportunity not to be missed.

~ Emily Fleming quote_1

Lani Rosen-Gallagher & Jennifer Byer

quotation mark “Working with Jodi was just what our partnership needed! Jodi helped us to do the most important things which was getting us organized, putting systems in place, creating contracts and proposals. Jodi gave us her best tips and tricks to keep us on task and focused. When we were focused and organized, it led to higher productivity. Not only were we getting things done, but our calls were really fun. We loved having Jodi as our mentor!”

~ Lani Rosen-Gallagher & Jennifer Byer, Mindful Yoga Breaksquote_1

Tammy Keorkunian

quotation mark I recently had the opportunity to work with Jodi, and it was outstanding! She challenged me in a loving way that shifted me and my business to a whole new level. She always kept me focused, on point and helped me see clearly what was needed for my business to evolve. I was able to breakthrough on several levels and began realizing my goals. Jodi guided me through step by step. I’m amazed at how much we covered and accomplished. I am now taking my Teacher Trainings to the next level. I hired my first teacher who truly represents my company’s vision and mission. I’m implementing better time management, tweaked my website, launched a video blog, and Jodi helped make my marketing plan powerful and effective! Strangely, I’m getting more done and feel like I’m working less. It’s what I like to call, “working smarter.” I am super charged for this next chapter! If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend Private Mentorship with Jodi! You will not be disappointed!

~ Tammy Keorkunian, Children’s Music Express quote_1

Michelle Newman

quotation mark Jodi is a natural mentor and business coach. Working with her privately has allowed me to move from analysis paralysis into action. Jodi’s vibrancy and enthusiasm are infectious and her gentle and encouraging approach make the perfect blend for helping me achieve success in all areas of my life.

~ Michelle Newman, Grow Wise quote_1

Anja Hollinger

quotation markJodi has absolutely been the best person to help me with getting my Kids Yoga business up and running. In working with her, she’s helped create the space for me to spread my wings and fly. I love her enthusiasm and her can-do attitude which have inspired me to grow SO MUCH! She always provides the feedback and encouragement that I need, and I’m in awe of her knowledge of this industry. When we work through what comes up in our sessions, she gives guidance that comes from experience, and the heart, and she knows EXACTLY what I need at any given time. Jodi gives me the perfect amount of “nudging” and has truly helped me stretch myself, not just in my business but all areas of my life. She is an absolute gem and I couldn’t have picked a better coach and mentor to work with to help me take my passion by the horns and soar. I absolutely LOVE working with Jodi and can’t recommend her enough!!!

~ Anja Hollinger, Happy Sprouts Yoga quote_1

Erin Lila Wilson

quotation markCoaching with Jodi has been an incredible experience. She has helped me to dream big, and take practical steps to turn those dreams into reality. I am amazed at how much my business has grown since I started working with Jodi. If you are ready to take your Kids Yoga business to the next level, Jodi is the coach for you!

~ Erin Lila Wilson, RISE Yoga for Youth & Yoga for Teens quote_1

Betsy Stephens

quotation markI opened a Kids Yoga studio 3 years ago and it was growing, but much slower than I had hoped. I wasn’t sure how to get it to where I wanted it to be. That coupled with the fact that my accounting practices were virtually non-existent kept my stress levels in overdrive pretty much 24/7. I wasn’t sure I needed a business coach, I just knew that I needed help. Once I started working with Jodi, it became immediately clear that she was exactly what I needed. She helped me implement marketing practices that immediately brought more students into the studio. She also walked me through key points of Quick Books so I didn’t feel so clueless with money. I’m busier than ever but also less stressed-and definitely happy that I found Jodi … that she picked me up off the ground, dusted me off and sent me off in the direction I want to be going!

~ Betsy Stephens, Yoga Playhouse quote_1

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