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As a member of the Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plan Club for Tweens + Teens you will receive a signature NGY Lesson Plan each month. Every Lesson Plan is unique and has an age-appropriate theme that is relevant, with guidelines and suggestions for different age groups.

Lesson plans are delivered to your email inbox each month in PDF format, and are ready-to-print or read on a computer, tablet, e-reader, or other electronic devices.

$60.00 / year


Each Lesson Plan includes:

  •  An introduction to successfully sharing yoga with the tweens and tweens in your life, whether you are a parent, caregiver, a school professional, or an experienced or new yoga teacher.
  • A detailed and easy to follow script for the teacher/leader.
  • A complete class theme and sequence including an introduction to the topic, breathing exercises, a warm up, an active pose series, a cool down, and a guided meditation and relaxation exercise. The lesson plan theme works whether taught from beginning to end or in pieces.
  • Ideas for activities, props, music, and more to enhance the experience
  • Ideas for taking the theme off the mat to help tweens and teens incorporate their practice into their daily lives.
  • Suggestions for how to relationally connect with tweens and tweens in developmentally appropriate ways.
  • Opportunities to teach through multiple pathways: physical, social-emotional, sensory, creative, cognitive, and intellectual learning.
  • A how-to glossary of poses and breathing exercises used in the lesson plan that includes traditional names plus Sanskrit names when appropriate.
  • A one-page lesson plan “cheat sheet” — a quick guide for handy reference.
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