Original Orange (Sacral Chakra)

a Yoga + Mindfulness Lesson Plan for Tweens & Teens



Written by: Jocelyn Chrisley, RYT and Sarah Henderson, E-RYT, NGY Teachers

The yoga philosophy system of the chakras helps us understand our bodies and minds as a whole. This holistic theory helps us to understand the balance of our emotions, our health, and our thoughts.

This Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plan invites students to focus on the second chakra, known for feelings of grace and nurturing. Flowing movements drive the physical portion of this lesson, while discussion points facilitate reflection on what makes students feel able to let go and go with the flow! Pick up Original Orange (ROY G BIV – Part 2) today!

This NGY Lesson Plan includes:

  •  An introduction to successfully sharing yoga with the tweens and tweens in your life, whether you are a parent, caregiver, a school professional, or an experienced or new yoga teacher.
  • A detailed and easy to follow script for the teacher/leader.
  • A complete class theme and sequence including an introduction to the topic, breathing exercises, a warm up, an active pose series, a cool down, and a guided meditation and relaxation exercise. The lesson plan theme works whether taught from beginning to end or in pieces.
  • Ideas for activities, props, music, and more to enhance the experience
  • Ideas for taking the theme off the mat to help tweens and teens incorporate their practice into their daily lives.
  • Suggestions for how to relationally connect with tweens and tweens in developmentally appropriate ways.
  • Opportunities to teach through multiple pathways: physical, social-emotional, sensory, creative, cognitive and intellectual learning.
  • A how-to glossary of poses and breathing exercises used in the lesson plan that includes traditional names plus Sanskrit names when appropriate.
  • A one-page lesson plan “cheat sheet” — a quick guide for handy reference.

NGY Lesson Plans are delivered electronically in PDF format – easy to download & print or view on a tablet or e-reader!

Click here to see a sample page from this lesson plan.

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