Peace Begins with Me

a Yoga + Mindfulness Lesson Plan for ages 2-13


Peace is everyone getting along. Peace is laughing with friends. Peace is giving someone a hug. Peace is keeping Mother Earth clean. Peace is learning about different countries. These are just some of the messages of peace found in the Next Generation Yoga’s Lesson Plan, “Peace Begins with Me.” This lesson plan will inspire you to take peaceful thoughts, words, and actions off the yoga mat and into the world!

The chant “Peace Begins with Me” can be heard throughout this lesson plan as children practice kid-friendly Yoga poses, go on a “peace walk”, dance for peace and engage in a group Yoga peace pose. Complete with musical recommendations, a special breathing exercise and guided visualizations; children will connect to and develop a deeper understanding of this important theme. Written by NGY Founder, Jodi B Komitor & NGY Teacher Nicole Koleshis, this Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plan will show you how to infuse the “Peace Begins with Me” theme into a Kids Yoga class specifically designed for 2-7 or 8-13 year olds.

This original Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plan takes children (and families) on a joyful and thought-provoking journey of finding and sharing peace. The message found within the “Peace Begins with Me” class has the potential to plant a seed for a lifelong practice of peace.

Whether you are a parent, school-based educator, or an experienced or new yoga teacher, NGY Lesson Plans are for you and the children in your life. They are thoughtfully designed so that everyone can learn something new.

Here’s just some of what you’ll receive:

  • A complete lesson plan for 2-7 year olds that may be enjoyed for 30-45 minutes
  • A complete lesson plan for 8-13 year olds that may be enjoyed for 45-60 minutes
  • An introduction to successfully sharing Kids Yoga with the children in your life, whether you are a parent, caregiver, a school professional, or an experienced or new Kids Yoga Teacher.
  • A detailed and easy to follow script for the teacher/leader.
  • A complete Kids Yoga class theme and sequence including an introduction to the topic, breathing exercises, a warm-up, an active pose series, a cool down, and a guided meditation and relaxation exercise. The lesson plan theme works, whether taught from beginning to end or in pieces.
  • Ideas for activities, props, songs, and more to add to the fun!
  • Suggestions for how to relationally connect with children in developmentally appropriate ways.
  • Opportunities to teach children through multiple pathways: physical (gross and fine motor), social-emotional, sensory, creative, cognitive and intellectual learning.
  • A how-to glossary of poses and breathing exercises used in the lesson plan that includes traditional names plus kid-friendly and/or Sanskrit names when appropriate.

NGY Lesson Plans are delivered electronically in PDF format – easy to download & print or view on a tablet or e-reader!


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